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  • View on NZ On Screen Peter Blake: On making music and getting Ready to Roll …

    Source: NZ On Screen

    "Music is Peter Blake's passion. Blake's career has encompassed jazz, Hendrix covers, keyboards for Hello Sailor – and quite a lot of television. After time at radio station 2ZA he began working on TV music show Grunt Machine, then got the job of musical director, and later producer of the high-rating, hit-making Ready to Roll. Soon he was commanding a stable of music shows that included RTR, Radio with Pictures, Heartbeat City, and stereo simulcasts of rock concerts.  In this ScreenTalk, Blake talks about:  Eclectic early music show Grunt Machine Abolishing cover versions, when he became producer of Ready to Roll Having to look after glam rocker Gary Glitter for a day The arrival of music videos, and commissioning videos by both TVNZ staffers and freelancers RTR's golden age in the 80s, when it ruled both the TV and music charts How he moved into composing soundtracks, with drama series Marching Girls Composing for himself, versus composing for the screen" (NZ On Screen summary)

  • View on NZ On Screen Ready to Roll - opening titles

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Music ; Television

    "The opening sequence of music show Ready to Roll is imprinted on the eyes and ears of many Kiwi music fans. The show jumped directly from the opening graphics to a quick rundown of the week's top 20 singles. Here are two of RTR's beloved openings: the late 70s version is scored to 1974 Commmodores instrumental 'Machine Gun'. In the 80s, Peter Blake's synth number had taken over from funk, and the colours favoured electric neon. The graphics owed a debt to the arcade computer games that followed Space Invaders. The week's featured acts came next, then the countdown. " (NZ On Screen summary)


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