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Opening Notes, 2006.
‘A CD compilation and package given free to every baby born in the region. From July 2006 on, every family of a new Wellingtonian will go home with a carefully designed gift meant to celebrate the robust character, creative lives, and burgeoning music communities in New Zealand’s capital city.’

Contents :
Hinemoana Baker — The Phoenix Foundation — Kiran Aswani — Carousel — Mike Fabulous and the Jamboree Sound — Wellington East Girls College Small Choir — Fly My Pretties — Windy City Strugglers — Verona — Ghostplane — Oimecha Supreme — Vector Wellington Orchestra — Homeh Lazar — Rhian Sheehan/Rhombus — Elena — Oliver Mtukudzi, Whirimako Black and Jonathan Besser — Charmaine Ford — Ryan Prebble — Flight.

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