Kiwi Made Music, Vol. 1: 1968-72


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Title: Kiwi made music. Volume one, 1968-1972 / various artists.
Publisher: Tree 1996.

The Tree Records Singles collection. A slice of Kiwi music as recorded in Wellington in the period covering 1968-1972.

The trouble (Random Thoughts) — People in the night (The Group) — Red beach (Supernatural Blues Band) — Mississippi paddleboat (Lianne & The Wedge) — If I didn’t have a dime (Dene Kellaway) — Spanish blues (Gutbucket) — Melody fayre (Random Thoughts) — My love is for you (Lianne & The Wedge) — Wild about you (full version) (Gutbucket) — Colour blind (The Group) — Out in the cold (full version) (Supernatural Blues Band) — I shall be released (After-Glo) — Don’t wake me in the morning (Newton [ie. Roger Hartly Newton Mason]) — Only living boy in N.Y. (Random Thoughts).

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