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‘Psychedelic, futuristic music from the past from another planet’, Killing Bear are a 4 piece band from Pukerua Bay, that have been together since 2010 in various formations, as a solo project, a two-piece,  a three-piece and now a four-piece.

Cormac met keyboard vocalist Zack Dredge at college and after they left school they decided to start a band and needed a drummer so they looked up the ones advertising on the rock shop website, which led to Tia Beaufort joining the initial band.

It started as just Cormac performing the songs by himself acoustically or to a backing track accompanied by videos. After a while he got tired of the ridged conformity or the backing track and Tia expressed interest in playing the drums again so they started doing shows, and at the same time they started recording the album in Cormac’s studio, in his parents basement.

When the CD release was looming they decided that the live sound should reflect the recordings better or more accurately, so they approached ex-band member Zack Dredge (who primarily was a guitarist) to play the keys and he said yes.

‘Wild Beasts’ was released in 2010, followed by EP ‘Rebirth’ in 2011, and 2nd album ‘The Vine Of Souls’ in 2013. The band’s membership shifted over time and circumstance and is now a 4 piece comprised of:
Mr Tony Breese: DRUMS VOCALS
Mr Liam Hanley: BASS
Mr Cormac Ferris: GUITAR VOCALS
Mr Lachlan Ferris: KEYS

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UndertheRadar Interview – Killing Bear

‘Before’ performed live at Mighty Mighty, Wgtn, NZ on the 15/02/13.


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