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Born to a New Zealand father in Flint, Michigan, USA, Kelvin Roy performed in popular funk and jazz bands in over seven US states, from the midwest to Lafayette, Louisiana, and San Francisco, California, before making New Zealand his home. Kelvin is a master of the particularly rare bass trumpet, or otherwise known as a marching valve trombone, and also sings, plays keyboards, percussion and trombone.

Kelvin Roy led the BlueStars band in Auckland for seven years performing regularly at festivals like Waiheke Island of Jazz, Vintage Alfresco and at venues including the Loaded Hog, London Bar, and Vino Vino. Kelvin’s ‘Around the World of Music’ live jazz album reached the top 20 of the jazz charts on CMJ Network stations in the United States.

But there’s another side to Kelvin. He strongly believes in creating a better future through music for kids. So far he has released 10 children’s music CD’s, 6 children’s music albums about animals and conservation, with 3 other releases that are activity and value based albums. Most of the albums have a strong dance & movement focus. His Song “Countdown” from the ‘Jollytime’ album was nominated for APRA NZ Children’s Song of the Year in 2012. His song, ‘Junk in my Mailbox’, from the ‘Inner Space’ album was used as a theme song in a children’s radio program on BfM in Auckland.

Kelvin Roy & Nigel Gavin released a new jazz album called ‘Overlap’ in May 2015…’Overlap’ contains further adventures around the world of music!

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AAJ review of Just Can’t Stop from 2003…

Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text from Bandcamp/Kidsounz. Used with permission.

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