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Don Wilson (Guitar / Vocals)
Steve Robinson (Guitar / Vocals)
Simon Morris (Guitar)
Nick Theobald (Bass Guitar)
Danny Shaw (Drums)
Tony Hooper (Guitar)

The Heartbreakers were a Wellington pop group, who along with a number of others, predominately played the hotel circuit during the mid seventies. During their time Tony Hooper was replaced by Bill Beare.

Unlike most of their pub circuit contemporaries, the Heartbreakers also did some recording and released five singles on the Vertigo label between 1975 and 1977. They were “Beachcomber”/”Heartbreak”, “Computer Man”/”Holding On”, “Just Like Romeo and Juliet”/”Move Over Casanova”, Lightening Strikes”/”Down By The Bay” and “No Scene At All”/”Heartbreak”.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to Bruce Sergent for letting us use this material from his great discographical site New Zealand Music of the 60’s, 70’s and a bit of 80’s.

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From AudioCulture

t’s a word commonly bandied about internationally but rarely heard in the context of New Zealand bands, but a case could be made for The Heartbreakers to be deemed our first (and maybe only) “supergroup”. Boasting members of the recently disbanded Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band, Ebony and the highly respected Tamburlaine, The Heartbreakers came together in 1975 and were one of New Zealand’s hardest working bands until they wound up, exhausted, in late 1977. Read moreProfile from Audioculture, available under a Attribution Noncommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence

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