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One of the original members of the Wellington based ‘While You Were Sleeping’ collective, as ‘Group Five’ Andrew Loughnan in his own words – “does abstract instrumental beats and stuff…”, and also DJs a bit…

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  • View on NZ On Screen The Feelers

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Music Video

    "Radio favourites The Feelers formed in Christchurch in 1993 with James Reid on vocals and guitar, Matt Thomas on bass and Hamish Gee on drums. Later Zed guitarist Andy Lynch joined the band. One of New Zealand's most successful pop-rock groups, The Feelers toured extensively, both locally and offshore; released five successful albums; had several Top 40 hits; and won numerous NZ Music Awards. Reid released Saint, his first solo album, in late 2013." (NZ On Screen summary)

  • View on NZ On Screen The Mint Chicks

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Music Video

    "Fronted by songwriting brothers Kody and Ruban Nielson, The Mint Chicks emerged from Auckland’s live music scene in 2005 with debut album F*ck The Golden Weather, having made a name for themselves with chaotic, often volatile, shows and polarized critical opinion. They found consensus in 2007 when their follow-up, Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!, won five NZ Music awards, including Best Album and Best Group. Recording in The Dandy Warhol’s famed studio, The Odditorium, yielded 2009’s Screens and before a Ray Columbus cover and Bad Buzz EP followed in 2010. The band split to pursue solo projects that year." (NZ On Screen summary)

  • View on NZ On Screen Aaradhna

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Music Video

    "Soul/r’n’b singer Aaradhna was born in Wellington of Samoan/Indian descent. She made her recording debut in 2004 with Adeaze on chart topping single ‘Getting Stronger’. Her solo album I Love You was released by label Dawn Raid in 2006, and spawned two top five singles. Covers album Sweet Soul Music followed, and then Treble and Reverb (2012) — an album of 60s girl group-influenced originals conceived while living in Romania — and Brown Girl (2016), a reponse to those who try to put her in a box." (NZ On Screen summary)

  • View on NZ On Screen Asian Paradise

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Pop ; Music Video

    "One of the most commercially successful NZ acts of the 80s, all female vocal group When the Cat's Away reformed in 2001 around four of the original five members: Margaret Urlich, Kim Willoughby, Debbie Harwood and Annie Crummer. They announced their return with this electropop reworking of Sharon O'Neill's 1980 ode to the east — and a Rachel Churchward styled music video which used black outfits on a black background to give an Oriental lacquer-like sheen. O'Neill returned the favour when she played with the Cats on a subsequent tour and live album." (NZ On Screen summary)

  • View on NZ On Screen When the Cat's Away

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Documentary ; Music ; Arts/Culture ; Television

    "This concert film documents When the Cat's Away on their first tour. Director Alan Thurston captures the high energy performance and pure joie de vivre of the five women vocalists, it shows why the group became a Kiwi favourite. A set focusing on New Zealand songs, international hits of the period and soul classics proved irresistible on the pub circuit. The group would go on to score hit records and bigger shows (playing to 80,000 the following summer) but this was the moment they arrived. The film won best documentary at the 1988 Film and Television Awards." (NZ On Screen summary)


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