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Dreamy low-fi pop.
Lucy Botting (vocals, guitar)
Darian Woods (guitar)
Douglas Kelly (bass)
Olivia Campion (drums).

Christchurch native and well known music blogger Woods approached Botting on the street one day to take her picture for his new ‘street fashion’ focus, a meeting that led to them beginning to make experimental pop music together. They signed to Lil’ Chief Records as Wet Wings, who were part of an indie scene that attracted the attention of some prominent Pitchfork aggregated music blogs in a pre-streaming era. Moving to Wellington they released the album Glory Glory in 2011, but the music project became mothballed when Woods headed overseas in 2014.

Coping with the pressure of full time work as an early childhood teacher Botting would listen to music to de-stress, and with the rise of the streaming revolution would send playlists to Woods, who was still overseas. Already a seasoned vocalist and keys player, Botting was inspired by new music DIY paradigms and began learning guitar and recording some demos. She came across the term Girlboss, liked its assertive connotations, and used it as an alias when she uploaded the song ‘Miss Doubtfire’.

Not long afterwards, Woods returned to Wellington from the US, and excited by Botting’s music, he offered to help expand it into a band. Some low key releases and a lot of local gigging, with Douglas Kelly (bass) and Olivia Campion (drums) fleshing out the live sound, led to the debut EP ‘Body Con’ which was released in 2018 by boutique local label Ball of Wax. New track ‘Bully’ was released in July of this year.

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