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Folk/Rock. generally quiet, acoustic contemplations on a number of things. A New Zealand born songwriter based in Istanbul…

Dylan Ware lived in Ngaio throughout his teenage years, attended Onslow College in Johnsonville, which is where he had his first and only flurry of guitar-lessons, and began writing his music & songs. Wellington, according to Dylan is pretty deeply ingrained in the old psyche of origin..

“The green, labyrinthine, hilly streets and stone-stairways of the city suburbs, hanging out in Cuba St, beers in the bars…  My family later moved to Nelson, just before I was 20, as Dad shifted jobs from Radio NZ to a local station, but I’ve really always been fairly itinerant, both within and without NZ.  In the end it gets difficult to be tied to any particular city in terms of a “hometown”, but I generally identify Wellington as a prime contender…I’m currently writing, playing & singing in Istanbul, and nearing completion of my 3rd album, which is going to be a killer…”

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Cover sourced from Bandcamp. Text courtesy of Dylan Ware. Used with permission.

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