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Darklight Corporation sound like the bastard lovechild of Nine Inch Nails and Mudvayne, conceived on the couch of Slipknot and brought up by the Prodigy.

Hard, heavy and industrial, Darklight Corporation still retain a pop-influenced simplicity. The guitar-based rock is injected with dance/electronica to create a sound that’s melodic but never fluffy. Accessible – for those who like music with a wrecking-ball riff.

Darklight Corporation formed in early 2008 when Christchurch guitarist Chris Prenter met Brazilian frontman Fabio Santos and discovered, “a mutual love of everything heavy – including ourselves.” They started writing songs together and were soon joined by drummer Rhys Fuller and bass player Elliot Chao.

Together the foursome recorded a nine-track album (including a sizzling cover of the Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up) which immediately caught the attention of The Rock FM and has been getting serious play on the Axe Attack.

Host Paul Martin (The Axeman) sums them up best…”Darklight Corporation takes the bull by the horns and kicks its ass! Unafraid to tread new sonic ground they push all the right buttons and herald a dark and gritty new approach for grunty NZ music”.

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