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Chris Armour Quartet

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The Chris Armour Quartet is the musical project of Wellington musician, performer and teacher Chris Armour. Armour has been teaching and playing professionally since 2010, honing his skills not only through gigging at bars, clubs and restaurants but also via New Zealand bluesman Darren Watson and jazz guitarist Leigh Jackson.

Armour has gone on to perform with a wide range of local artists, including Vincent Vega Trio, Wayne Mason and Dave Murphy, and has played at the Nelson Jazz Fest, Wellington Jazz Fest, Cuba Dupa and the Summer Gardens Magic series. His “nuanced and dynamic song-focussed approach” has made him one of the most in-demand musicians in Wellington.

Tele-Porter by Chris ArmourThe Sampler, August 22, 2017

In August 2017 the Chris Armour Quartet (consisting of Armour as well as drummer Richard Te One and bassist Steve Moodie) released Tele-Porter, an album with its genesis in a stolen guitar:

In late 2013, Chris had his prized Telecaster stolen after a night of gigging. News of his misfortune made it all the way to Boston, Massachusetts and soon after Chris received an impossibly generous gift from an acclaimed blues musician; a guitar with an uncanny likeness to his stolen Telecaster, emblazoned with the custom decal ‘Tele-Porter’.

Tele-Porter has been described as an album that shows the “fine variations a good guitarist can make, even within a restricted palette; from the biting tones of the title track to the hummier, jazzier sound he uses for the tune he calls ‘One For T1’.” Armour’s next album will have a more experimental approach, aiming to create evocative, emotional soundscapes.

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