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Benny Tones is a Wellington based producer, DJ and Audio Engineer. He is the official Sound Tech for future soul band Electric Wire Hustle and has also set up his own professional audio engineering facility in Wellington – Organik Muzik Workz – where he has recorded and engineered for artists such as Pacific Heights, Solaa, Julien Dyne, Iva Lamkum, Harbour City Electric, Module and of course Electric Wire Hustle among others.
Benny’s solo album Chrysalis will be released on Every Waking Hour Records in NZ in May 2010. It s the product of 4 and a half years work and serves as Benny’s reintroduction to the world as a producer and beat maker. The album features a diverse host of vocal and instrumental collaborators including Electric Wire Hustle’s Mara TK, Taay Ninh and Myele Manznaza, Fat Freddy’s front man Joe Dukie, Shapeshifter’s Devin Abrams & Sam Trevethick, Rio Hemopo, Isaac Aesili, LA’s Shihan The Poet, Adi Dick and many more.
Benny’s exquisite production is the result of hundreds of hours clocked up in the studio over the years and perhaps an upbringing in an environmentally conscious commune in the beautiful Golden Bay area of of New Zealand.
It was a natural progression from Djing that led him to start producing his own beats in 2002. He also moved to Wellington in 2002 to immerse himself in the scene and to learn as much as he could about audio production and the music industry.
He participated in 2 short audio courses but is largely self taught. In 2008 he set up OMW and has quickly built up a reputation as one of Wellington’s best Audio Engineering facilities.
Benny Tone’s 12″ EP will be released through Wonderful Noise Records Japan in April and the full length album will be available in New Zealand through Every Waking Hour Records May 2010.

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  • View on NZ On Screen Benny Tones

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Music Video

    "Producer/engineer Benny Tones grew up on a commune in Golden Bay at the top of the South Island — and cites the slow paced, collaborative nature of life there as a major influence on his music. Initially a DJ, he began producing his own beats in 2002. He moved to Wellington, setting up his own studio (incorporating his collection of vintage equipment) and working closely with Electric Wire Hustle. In 2010, he released his debut album Chrysalis (with contributions from Sacha Vee, Adi Dick and members of Shapeshifter, Fat Freddy’s Drop and Rhombus)." (NZ On Screen summary)

  • View on NZ On Screen Chrysalis

    Source: NZ On Screen

    Resource type: Electronic ; Music Video

    "On ‘Chrysalis’ Wellington producer Benny Tones creates a warm, electronic blend of hip-hop and funk (and 80s video game sound effects) for co-writer Sacha Vee’s soulful vocals. Director Jessica Sanderson (granddaughter of actor Martyn Sanderson) opens her video with Benny walking through darkened inner city Wellington streets. The third busker that he passes morphs into and out of a resplendent, glittering Sacha Vee (and the Legacy Dance Crew) in a hyper-real world which celebrates the creativity of street performers too often ignored by passersby." (NZ On Screen summary)


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