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Band Sensations are an experimental art sound glitterbang band who perform live approximately once a year. Band members Amos Mann, Sian Torrington and Creek Waddington describe their music as “diverse mini-atmospheres with ecologies of sound, action and words.”

Improvisation plays an important role in Band Sensations’ music, with notation used only as a starting point during performances. Sian Torrington has contrasted this with her early musical experiences, including several years of compulsory piano.

Richard Haynes, Waka Atea, Band SensationsSound Explorers, September 11, 2014

Creek Waddington also samples Band Sensations as part of their solo work, currently available on SoundCloud. Band Sensations’ latest production, ‘Free Range Harriet’, was recorded live at Pyramid Club and released in March 2017.

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