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As a well-established Kapiti based writer and singer, A.J. Crawshaw has spent years recording music for a collection of other artists, as well as capturing his own complex sound through live performances and talented lyrical creations. Recognised for his distinct style of writing, which is fused with flavours of acoustic folk and heavy alternative rock routes, AJ layers his work with multiple instruments and vocals. AJ’s songs are set with themes that are always honest, often brutal, but always expressing an element of hope, recording many of the components of the songs himself, then arranging them with an aim of an almost orchestral musical style. AJ also works closely with his live band to best capture the acoustic rocky undertones in his tracks.

AJ is also an integral part of the Kapiti music scene. He created and curates an ongoing series of showcases for locals artists called The Local Scene. Each gig features a lineup of 8 of the best original music acts on the Kapiti Coast, starting with acoustic acts then into the full bands later in the night. Hugely popular, tickets usually sell out – a reflection of the myriad of diverse talent just up the Coast from Wellington.

The Long Road
First Single. Semifinalist selection for the International Song Writing Competition. Semifinalist Selection for the Unsigned only Song Writing Competition 2013







Phoenix Burning 2015
An Ep about Losing and Winning and restoring hope.








In light and shadow 2017
In Light and Shadow is an collection of songs about the beauty that can be found in both the darkest and lightest parts of our lives and how we need to accept life as it comes. The songs were recorded on real instruments in AJ’s studio, creating an earthy acoustic vibe. Featuring: Aidan Corlett on drums and percussion Tamsyn Corlett singing on “Love the Changes” Charles Davenport playing cello on “Better Day” Kapiti Chamber Choir singing on “Ever” Megan McCarthy singing on “Always” Mastered by Geoff Duncan.

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