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The Eighth Note: Low Key

‘The Eighth Note’ is 8 quick Questions with Wellington Musicians.

A chance for us to catch up with people & see what they’re up to, or introduce you to a new musician/band and their music.

Up next is DJ/Producer Lachie, who records under the monikers MyEARS & Low Key.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about your music:
My friends know me as Lachie. I produce and DJ under MyEARS & Low Key. My music is geared primarily for the dance floor.

What have you been working on lately? Any new tracks or albums on the way?
I recently finished my first album, Functions, under the alias Low Key. I’ve been finding myself drawn to the techno side of things lately, so the new moniker is for exploring that. I’ll be continuing to explore everything else with MyEARS. Currently I’m working on some heavy stuff for a Low Key EP.

Where is the best place people can follow you & find your music?
Bandcamp & Spotify. [MyEARS on Soundcloud].

What were the 3 most influential albums to you growing up?
I grew up listening to Computer World by Kraftwerk. Was grooving to that stuff in my nappy. It still stands the test of time today. When I was 8, the first generation iPod shuffle was released. Demon Days by Gorillaz came out around the same time as well, and quickly became my go to. A couple years later, The Album by Project One was released, and I had just gotten into shuffling. The trancey melodies really captured me and I became obsessed.

Which other Wellington musician (s) would you most like to work with?
I’ve been living with Field Enhancement Unity this year, and seen him throw down more than once. Would love to play some more with him. Joshua B has played some killer sets around Wellington but recently moved to Europe. I’ll be doing the same next month so hopefully we can team up again soon. Paul Dockery strikes me as the first Wellington based DJ to really pull me into a techno set, so I have to mention him, too.

What’s your favourite Wellington venue to play in?
I love the intimate space at Valhalla. So many great memories have been shared there, both behind and in front of the decks.

In your songwriting or composing (or the band’s songwriting) how do the compositions and songs take shape?
Most of my compositions happen spontaneously, I rarely ever sit down with an idea in mind. I prefer to experiment with the software and try to break it / use it in ways it was not intended for. Through this trial and error I usually find a sound I can work with, and the inspiration begins to flow.

Where/when is your next gig?
I just played my last Wellington set at Vertigo III the other week. Currently I’m packing up for Europe next month, where my musical journey will continue.

Lachie: My partner and I made a music video with footage we got from the Wellington underground scene and a track from Functions.

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