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New Single: Peyton Morete

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‘New Single’ is where a band or artist answers a couple of quick questions about their latest Single release. Up next is young songwriter Peyton Morete, who earlier in the year won the House Of Sound – Music Academy & It’s not OK Campaign ‘Champions of Kapiti Songwriting Competition’. The task was to write a song to encourage the voice of young people who have faced some tough challenges in life or know people who have and to encourage hope. The prize was to have the song professionally recorded, with an accompanying video, at Surgery Studios in Wellington by Lee Prebble, with Barnaby Weir as the producer. Peyton’s song ‘Little Guys’ was the winner.


What the song is about lyrically?
The song lyrically is about how there may be rough times right now and you may feel life isn’t worth living and there is no hope but just take one day at a time and eventually you’ll find something or someone who will bring light to your life. That I know how hard it must be to go through this emotional and physical pain but you’ll find peace if you keep on going.

Who produced/recorded it? Did the track come together in the studio, or at home?:
I went to Surgery Studios in Wellington where Barnaby Weir, from the Black Seeds, produced my song and Lee Prebble mixed it. I also had help with drums and piano parts from Andy Christiansen and Elan Van Mills from House of Sound Music Academy.

Were there any gear or effects that you used in the mix to get the sound you were after?:
I used band equipment instead of electronic based music. That’s because I prefer the band recorded sound than the new electronic pop sound. I also think it has more of a natural and real feel to it which helps get the song across more as it feels more real.

Is this a stand-alone track or part of an upcoming album or EP?
This track is only a stand-alone track. I am working on recording new songs though that could possibly turn into an ep or album later down the track.

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