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New Single: ABRZY

‘New Single’ is where a band or artist answers a couple of quick questions about their latest Single release. Up next is ABRZY, whose has just released new single Top Down.

What the song is about lyrically?
The lyrics for this track are based around, dreams, aspirations and emotions. The chorus has the phrase Top Down repeatedly in it, referring to a convertible. This symbolises a status of wealth and success. Particularly the line, “Summer or Winter still drive with the top down” because you’ve worked too damn hard to get this nice car, so it’s your obligation that you drop the top even if it’s freezing in these windy Wellington streets

Who produced/recorded it? Did the track come together in the studio, or at home?:
This was produced by Prod. Zero x Dannyebtracks, and I just bought it off them. I’ve got a little studio in my room where I wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered it.

Were there any gear or effects that you used in the mix to get the sound you were after?:
I just use a rode NT1a mic to record and a steinberg mixer. The effects I used was just your classic reverb, delays and some slight auto tune.

Is this a stand-alone track or part of an upcoming album or EP?
Just a stand alone track, but an EP is coming soon. Watch this space.

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