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New EP: Ready Sett

‘New EP’ is where a band or artist answers some questions about their latest release. Up next is Ready Sett, who released new EP ‘Girl In A Band’ just before Christmas last year.

When/where was the new EP recorded?
We recorded the EP at Blue Barn Recording Studio over two days in August 2017.

Who produced/engineered the EP? How did the tracks come together – in the studio, or at home?
James Goldsmith recorded and mixed the EP and Mike Gibson mastered it. James was very helpful with numerous things such as choosing guitar tones and making sure the tempos of the songs were sitting right. We couldn’t have done it without him or Mike! The tracks were written at our home practice space and we were prepared going into the studio with structures/lyrical content for each song.

Did the shorter format of an EP give you the option to experiment in any way with your sound or with different forms of song-writing?
I think because we only had two days in the studio we didn’t really have time to play around or experiment but we did go into the studio with a good idea of what we wanted to add to the songs beyond the normal drum, gat and vocal parts we created for playing live. For example, Anj played bass on the tracks, recorded a solo in Netflix + Chill, and we often double tracked the vocals. We wanted to make a conscious effort to fill out the songs more but still wanted it to feel like a two-piece. Hopefully we succeeded!

Was there any specific gear you used to capture that?
We used quite a selection of amps and guitars, some of which were supplied by Blue Barn, but of particular note were Vox and Orange guitar heads with a Marshall speaker cab. For the bass parts we used a Fender bassman head with an Ampeg cab. Guitars used were a Gibson SG, a Weta Guitars custom made Jagcaster, and a Guild SG. The drum kit used was a Premier, with a Ludwig acrolite snare.

Is there a particular track or theme that the EP was formed around?
The songs each have their own theme attached and capture different experiences, telling individual stories which are centred around travelling, summer road trips, love in the technological age, and personal confessions. The title of the EP is the name of one of our other songs, but we thought it made for a great EP title too!

Where do you see the EPs place in growing an audience online? Do you see it as a progression towards an album or a separate entity?
It’s more of a separate entity, and we definitely see it as capable of growing our online audience, which is of course a goal for us. The EP is a mixture of old and new songs and is something we wanted to create to showcase what we sound like as a band now. Since Olivia started playing drums in mid-2016 we haven’t put out any new music so there wasn’t really any grand master plan apart from to release some songs we were proud of and something to show for our time together over the last year and a half.

Which digital platforms is it available on?
The EP is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Are you doing any gigs or promotion for its release?
It’s a tough one for us at the moment because we are both really busy so we didn’t organise a specific EP release gig, but we’re hoping to do some more shows in the near future. We’re just stoked to have some new music out in the world!

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