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New EP: Alexa Casino

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‘New EP’ is where a band or artist answers some questions about their latest EP release. Up next is Alexa Casino, who has just released new EP ‘Cheer Up Try Hard Tear Up Cry Hard’.

When/where was the new EP recorded?
The EP was recorded in my bedroom this year. A couple of the songs are reworks of old iPad demos that I had that I really enjoy playing live but felt definitely needed a refresher.

Who produced/engineered the EP? How did the tracks come together in the studio, or at home?
I produced and recorded it entirely on my own. I make lots of loops with synths and beats and layer them to start. I record my vocals and layer those too. Then I work on how I want it to sound. I obsess over it until I’m too frustrated to listen anymore, then I watch LOST until I’m frustrated with its toxic masculinity and return to music.

Did the shorter format of an EP give you the option to experiment in any way with your sound or with different forms of song-writing?
Having never released a full length album and only singles, the EP feels like a long and formal format to work with.

Was there any specific gear you used to capture that?
I think ideas and feelings and colours are more important to the shaping of my music than any gear that I use. That being said, the thing I’m most excited about for CHEER UP TRY HARD TEAR UP CRY HARD is its use of autotune.

Is there a particular track or theme that the EP was formed around?
The lyric ‘cheer up try hard tear up cry hard’ is basically the theme of my life. Trying hard to make the most of little things then getting overwhelmed in a second. The thoughts that get stuck in your head that don’t go away when you’d like them to.

Where do you see the EPs place in growing an audience online? Do you see it as a progression towards an album or a separate entity?
Having done at least 20 live shows in Wellington in the past 12 months, I felt like it was probably a good idea to release an EP. I’m very restless. Not sure when I’ll have the patience or attention span or time to record an entire album. This EP is very much a separate entity of its own.

Which digital platforms is it available on?
It’s on Bandcamp & Soundcloud.

Are you doing any gigs or promotion for its release?
YES! Friday at Caroline was my EP release party. It’s the first time I’ve headlined a show, I was so excited for it. A cool new girl band opened the night, they’re called namesake. My favourite band in the whole world played next – WOMB! I played my new EP in its entirety – as well as a bunch of old stuff and some fun covers. The end of the night was dedicated to dancing. Haz from WOMB DJed under the moniker DU MAGIC, and I ended the night with a DJ set also.

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