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The Eighth Note: Ready Sett


‘The Eighth Note’ is 8 quick Questions with Wellington Musicians.

A chance for us to catch up with people & see what they’re up to, or introduce you to a new musician/band and their music.

Today’s guest is Anj from Ready Sett.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about your music:
We are a two-piece rock/pop duo called Ready Sett. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Ready Sett began working on material in early 2014. Anj Barton (vocals and guitar) and Tim Gau (drums) drew inspiration for their songs from early White Stripes and Black Keys recordings. After a burst of gigs following their emergence, 12-months down the track they released their debut Badger EP in December 2015. Mid-2016 saw Olivia Campion taking over as drummer and backing vocalist. The two bonded over their love for punk, indie, and riot grrrl groups of the ‘90s, which led to the creation of fast paced, pop-punk styled tunes. The duo’s songs reflect their feminist consciousness, coming to life through simple pop hooks, crushing guitar riffs and irreverent humour.

What have you been working on lately? Any new tracks or albums on the way?
We’ve been writing lots of new material lately and hoping to record a second EP mid-2017.

Where is the best place people can follow you & find your music?

What were the 3 most influential albums to you growing up?
Most of Pearl Jam’s albums and PJ Harvey – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea. Big influences for us both include Sleater Kinney and Warpaint.

Which other Wellington musician (s) would you most like to work with?
Emerald from Draghound – she’s an amazing guitarist who makes the most amazing sounds and has great chops. She can make that guitar really sing! Also Kristen from Tidal Rave, they’re an awesome band that’s hit Wellington recently.

What’s your favourite Wellington venue to play in?
Hard to pick a favourite, but we’ve enjoyed some excellent gigs at Moon and Caroline thus far.

In your songwriting or composing (or the band’s songwriting) how do the compositions and songs take shape?
Usually I (Anj) will have a guitar riff or progression written and then I’ll show this to Olivia in the jam room. Sometimes I might have lyrics already but other times it will just be an instrumental idea. Once we’re jamming, ideas often take shape spontaneously and a song can be fully written in a matter of hours, lyrics included. Other times I might have a complete song already and then Olivia will work up a beat for it. Lyrics often come second to the music (but not always) and we both write backing vocal parts which Olivia then sings. In sum, it’s a different process each time and always changing! There’s no one set ‘formula’ is what I’m trying to say.

Where/when is your next gig?
Cuba Dupa on Saturday at 12.30pm (Glover Park stage).

Check out this cheeky vid of our new song, thanks MOON 1 for having us on friday! #technologyaintmyfriend #irony

Posted by Ready Sett on Saturday, 20 August 2016

"Share The Load"

Video courtesy of Kiri Stevens

Posted by Ready Sett on Monday, 29 September 2014

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