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New Zealand Birds 2

New Zealand Birds II is a compilation of (mostly) local artists covering famous New Zealand songs. As was the first volume in this series, which was comprised of original material, this was curated by Rhys Stannard, who records under the name Voe. For this volume Rhys was after a particular arrangement for the tracks:

I wanted to start with the more out there tracks, have a weird buzz out in the middle and then finish with the poppier cleaner tracks. Kinda the opposite to how most people release their albums at the moment…

Cover imageCover image

Check out an interview we did with Rhys on the 1st volume here.


1. By A Damn Sight – Nature (The Fourmyula)

By A Damn Sight is Louis Reeve (also one third of Lilah)

Buy ‘Lilah’s’ latest release here.

2. Kwai Chang Cain – Buddy (Snapper)

Jo Cain is also one third of Lilah.

3. Voe – Anchor Me (Muttonbirds)

Voe is Rhys Stannard. Buy the latest release from Voe here. Facebook here.

4. Elliot & Scott – Cardigan In Cashmere (Kraus)

Eliott is from Greenfog and Scott is from The Naenae Express both of whom are based in Auckland.

5. Dick Whyte – Mouth Of The River (Part I) (Athuzela Brown)

Dick Whyte is one third of ‘The Bent Folk’. Buy the latest Bent Folk release here. Facebook here.

6. Secret Knives – My Arpeggio (Mint Chicks)

‘Secret Knives’ is Ash Smith. Buy their latest album here. Facebook here.

7. Pam – Not Given Lightly (Chris Knox)

‘Pam’ is Thomas Kelly. Buy the latest release from ‘Pam’ here. Facebook here.

8. Hans Puckett – Nature (The Fourmyula)

‘Hans Puckett’ is Oliver & Callum Devlin, and Jonathan Nott. Buy their latest EP here. Facebook here.

Cover used with permission.

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