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NZMM: Favourite Wellington Music Moment – Julie Lamb

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For New Zealand Month last year we asked a bunch of people what they thought made Wellington music unique as well as what their favourite albums by Wellington artists were.

This year we thought we would do something similar, but slightly different. This time we’re asking people for a favourite memory of making music in Wellington. It could involve a favourite gig, a funny story from the recording studio, a moment that led to the inspiration for a song, the fond recollection of a defunct venue, or the piece of music or lyric that they are most proud of creating.

Today we caught up with Julie Lamb. During her 15 year music career the award winning, charting musician has written, performed and recorded original music; formed and promoted bands and choirs; and organised and directed multi-band music events. In 2011, in preparation for her album ‘Trippin’ the Light’ Julie brought together a group of gifted musicians who have gelled into the standout 11-piece Julie Lamb Band, who featured on that 2012 album & on 2014’s ‘When we Hang Out’, which debuted at number 10 on the New Zealand Music Charts.

It was the best sort of Wellington day. The sometimes sunny, overcast light grey sky kind of day. A bunch of us were off to film a video for “Waterproof”. It was the easiest concept in the world, a drive around my favourite place, the Miramar Peninsular/Wellington south coast, starting from a favourite place, the Thunderbird Cafe, with a whole bunch of favourite people… You can watch award winning result, showing off my favourite Wellington places right here!

You can follow Julie here & buy some of her music here.







Covers used with permission.

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