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‘Orchestra of Spheres’ European Tour

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OoS Europe

Wellington based Avant Trance rockers Orchestra of Spheres are on a roll at the moment and left Wellington last week for a month long tour of Europe to promote their new record Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon. The album has been released worldwide on both CD and vinyl by London based Fire Records, who seem to be doing a great job of promotion, getting the band featured as the Guardian Weekly’s Band of the Week….

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….and getting the track Walking Through Walls featured on The Wire’s Adventures In Music and Sound, broadcast and podcast by Londons Resonance FM. For those interested the track can be heard about 16m in.

It will be interesting to hear back just how the band’s biscuit tin guitar, sexomouse marimba and electric bass carillon, all homemade instruments created from found objects, are received in countries like Turkey, Portugal and Spain and we will endeavour to feature an interview in a few weeks’ time.

Meanwhile, for anyone with friends in Europe, here are the tour dates…………..

13 May: Le Temps Machine, Tours, France

14 May: Festival Le Lac, Brest, France

16 May: Alte Seilerei, Bamberg, Germany

17 May: Az Conni, Dresden, Germany

18 May: Frau Korte, Erfurt, Germany

19 May: Rössli, Bern, Switzerland

20 May: May In The Park, Geneva, Switzerland

21 May: Les Instants Chavirés, Paris, France

22 May: Jazzkeller, Krefeld, Germany

25 May: Green Door Store, Brighton, UK

26 May: Club Makossa, London, UK

27 May: The Winchester, Bournemouth, UK

28 May: Raw Power Festival, The Dome, London, UK

29 May: Chill Out Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

31 May: Kafe Antzokia, Bilbao, Spain

01 Jun: Siroco, Madrid, Spain

02 Jun: Damas, Lisbon, Portugal

03 Jun: Teatro Municipal Rivoli, Porto, Portugal

04 Jun: Lata De Zinc, Oviedo, Spain

05 Jun: Centro Cívico Delicias, Zaragoza, Spain

07 Jun: Les Pavillons Sauvages, Toulouse, France

08 Jun: Le Café du Boulevard, Melle, France

10 Jun: Eindhoven Psych Lab, Eindhoven, Netherlands

11 Jun: OFF Bar, Basel, Switzerland

12 Jun: Baz’art, Geneva, Switzerland

Catch-up with the band & their tour on Facebook here. Buy some of their music on Bandcamp here.

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