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Wellington black metal band Bulletbelt are about to head back across the ditch for the Toxic Holocaust, Nuke the Southern Cross tour, but before they do they’re warming up with a free entry matinee show at Wellington’s home of local metal, Valhalla (this Sunday 4th October, from 4pm).  They’ll be debuting their new song Orpheus, as well as a fresh stage set.  These guys (and gal) have been working super hard and it’s wicked to see their track Deathgasm from 2014’s Rise of the Banshee featured on the soundtrack for New Zealand heavy metal splatter film of the same name, DEATHGASM, directed by Jason Lei Howden.  If you haven’t seen this flick yet, you absolutely have to!  It’s everything you want a New Zealand splatter-fest to be and more because it’s jam-packed full of stand-up kiwi music, including Wellington’s own Bulletbelt, power metal band Razorwyre and sludge demons Beastwars.

Check out some of the featured artists below, including Bulletbelt’s DEATHGASM, the first video clip from Rise of the Banshee:



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