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The information on this page is NOT designed to replace the advice and care that can be obtained from a health professional and should NOT be regarded as professional advice from a qualified doctor or health professional.

Wellington City Libraries will freely provide health information to enable better communication between health professionals and their patients. However, the library will not offer advice on medical and health issues.

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Winter health and Wellbeing

Articles and Websites

Tips from the NZ Healthy Food Guide to boost your immunity for winter and increase your fruit and vegetable intake in a period of the year when we have a tendency to reach out for not so healthy options.

NZ Asthma Foundation Tips and info on keeping our homes healthy and dry in the colder months.


Syndetics book coverWinter blues survival guide : a workbook for overcoming SAD, by Norman E. Rosenthal, Christine M. Benton.
This is in the style of a practical workbook with simple checklists, forms, and nuggets of information help readers monitor their symptoms at any time of the year, and help readers keep track of what interventions have worked. Test out his strategies for overcoming low moods, fatigue, sleep problems, and food cravings.

Syndetics book coverBoosting your immunity for dummies, by Wendy Warner and Kellyann Petrucci.
Provides practical techniques for supercharging your immune system to resist illness and prevent disease using diet, exercise, reducing stress, and nutritional supplements. Help your body resist antibiotic-resistant bacteria, allergies, Hepatitis C, pre-menopause, menopause, cancer, Rheumatoid arthritis, dental, and autoimmune diseases. Includes more than 40 recipes along with shopping lists and tips for stretching grocery dollars while still eating healthy.

Syndetics book coverSuper immunity : the essential nutrition guide for boosting your body's defenses to live longer, stronger, and disease free, by Joel Fuhrman.
Why do some of us sick more often than others? Nutritional science has made great strides and discoveries in recent years, and this new research enables us to take control of our health in new ways. Dr. Fuhrman explains this new science, providing everything you need to know to put this knowledge into action in your kitchen and in your life. What we eat has everything to do with our health, and, unfortunately, too many of us are living with a severely depleted immune function. More medical care is not the answer. Rather, he explains the solution is to change the way we eat.

Syndetics book coverHerbal antivirals : natural remedies for emerging resistant and epidemic viral infections, by Stephen Harrod Buhner.
As viruses are becoming more virile and aggressive, traditional medications are becoming less effective against them. Author Stephen Harrod Buhner offers in-depth instructions on how to prepare and use herbal formulations to strengthen the immune system and treat viral infections such as influenza. (drawn from Syndetics summary)

Syndetics book coverThe international traveler's guide to avoiding infections, by Charles E. Davis.
"The last thing a world traveler wants is to get sick. To stay healthy, travelers need to protect themselves from viruses, bacteria, and parasites, including many they have seldom, if ever, encountered. With precise, simple explanations, this indispensable guide helps international travelers avoid common-and uncommon-infections wherever they go. ...The International Traveler's Guide to Avoiding Infections is organized by disease, with highly accessible discussions and detailed illustrations of all the major travelers' infections. ... Tourists and professionals such as military personnel, journalists, aid workers, and businesspeople need the tools provided here to stay healthy during their trip and after they return home." (Syndetics summary)


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