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Te Matapihi Ki Te Ao Nui


The library has a large collection of Statistics New Zealand publications. All of these are Reference items to be used in the library only.

Where statistics are kept

All of the New Zealand statistics are kept on the South end of the 2nd Floor of the Central Library, behind the escalators.

How statistics are organised

The New Zealand Statistics are organised into the following loose categories:
-Business Activity
-Culture and Society
-Housing and Property
-Income and Spending
-National Accounts
In addition the Library keeps 2 other statistics series, Key Statistics and Hot off the Press. Both of these are shelved alongside the other Statistics New Zealand publications.

Other sources of information

Statistical information can also be obtained from the Statistics New Zealand Website at www.stats.govt.nz. This site can be accessed free of charge at any branch of Wellington City Libraries on the selected free internet site & CD-ROM PCs.
The Census Results and the New Zealand Official Yearbook also contain helpful statistical data. These are kept at the Central Library at the South End of the 2nd Floor.
Less detailed international statistical information can be found in a variety of sources including:
-Almanacs e.g. Whitaker's Almanac (310)
-Yearbooks e.g. Statesman's Yearbook (310.5), or the Europa Yearbook (909.82)

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