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The majority of Gardening books are located 635 but some books are found in other areas.

Organic gardening635.0484
635.977 & 582.16
Botany & plant biology580s
Garden design and landscaping712.6
Orchards & fruits
Pests and diseases632 & 635.049

Gardening Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

The library holds a number of gardening encyclopedias and dictionaries.

New Books

New books on Gardening and DIY can be found at the Home and Garden recent picks page within the MyLibrary links.


The central and branch libraries hold a range of magazines on gardening and related topics including New Zealand Gardener, Gardens Illustrated, Organic Gardening and The Kitchen Garden.

Click on this link to browse the library's holdings of gardening magazines.

In the Central Library the latest Gardening magazines can be found in the magazines section on the first floor, to the north of the escalators.

Searching the catalogue:

  • If you know the item you are after, you can do a title or author search.

  • If you aren't after a particular item, select Subjects as the Search Type and enter the plural form of your interest e.g. lavenders.

  • If this search produces few items,

    • remember that there are likely to be general books which also will include information on your topic.
    • try broader or different terms - for example citrus instead of lemons.
    • repeat the search as a keyword search.
    • truncate search terms with an asterisk if you are unsure of the correct spelling or want to broaden a search, e.g. garden* will search for garden, gardening, gardener etc.

Online resources

The library has several online subscriptions. Remember you will need to enter your library card to access these links. In, read the addictive The Oxford Companion to the Garden.

Full-text versions of several magazines are available through the EBSCO database, including

Australian house & garden
Mother Earth News
Organic Gardening
Vegetarian Times
If you are accessing this page from a non-library computer you will need to login here first before these links will work for you.

Recent article

10 rules of eco gardening, by Rachel de Thame, in The Sunday Times, 07/01/2007.
"Being an environmentally caring gardener is usually based on common sense and working with local growing conditions. Much is labour-saving - you won't be fighting with plants that are struggling to survive - and cost-saving, as you will be replacing throwaway habits with a sustainable culture of reusing and recycling.
If we make 2007 the year we change the way we garden, our children and grandchildren will thank us for it." (from the article)

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Hellebores : a comprehensive guide, by C. Colston Burrell and Judith Knott Tyler