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Business directories

The Business Directories collection at Wellington City Libraries provides a range of current business, trade, telephone and fax directories. These are grouped by country/region. Click on the links below for a list of directories covering that region, or browse the shelves at the number.

Business Directories are located on the Victoria street side, north end of the 1st Floor of the Central City Library and are all reference only.

Searching the Catalogue

If you know the name of the particular directory you are seeking, just type the title in the catalogue. Here is a list organised by classification.

Business Directories 'Kept at Desk'

(Science and Humanities desk - North end 1st floor, Central Library - you will need to provide ID to access them)

The Nielsen Media Directory (BUS DIR) 02 NZ 18 contains in-depth material (including readership, circulation etc) for all types of media.

Rawlinsons New Zealand Construction Handbook 2001 (BUS DIR) 02 NZ 78 provides a comprehensive reference work on New Zealand building costs and other related information.

UBD Business Directory : Wellington and Lower North Island (including Hawkes Bay/East Coast, Horowhenua, Manawatu, Taranaki, Wairarapa, Wanganui (BUS DIR 02 NZ 03)

In addition to the hard copy directories, the following electronic resources can be accessed at the Science and Humanities desk, north end of the 1st floor.

Japanese Trade Directory 2001-2002 (CD-ROM)

Kompass online (international including New Zealand) is available at the free Internet PCs next to the Science and Humanities desk, 1st floor, Central Library. Kompass gives access to in-depth information about thousands of companies, including their products and executives, and enables you to locate potential customers, suppliers or agents, or target individual companies and the strategic individuals within those companies.

Kompass New Zealand is also available on CD-ROM at the Science and Humanities desk.

Further information about Business Directories online is available on our Business Directories subject page.

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