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Software settings which can block access to databases

Firewall settings

Security software such as Norton Internet Security can prevent access to mygateway.info databases by their use of a "browser privacy" feature. Our database vendors need to know that you have been authenticated as a library member and they do this by recognising that you have arrived at their website via ours.

Rather than turning off your software and leaving your computer vulnerable, you can alter the settings when you use these databases. These instructions apply to Norton Internet Security 2003.

Open up Norton Internet Security; click on Privacy Control; click on the Configure button (below).

norton screen shot

Click on Custom Level (below).

norton screen shot

Uncheck 'Enable Browser Privacy' (below).

norton screen shot

Firefox configuration settings

One of our customers has alerted us to an issue that can happen when using the Firefox addon "Stealthier". This also enables the browsing/anonymous privacy feature described in the section above.

For access to the databases to occur, the page URL needs to be transmitted to the database, and this widget denies this access. You will need to turn off this feature for the time you are using the databases. Please note that turning off the widget is a two step process as just turning it off does not change the underlying Firefox configuration that Stealthier amended. You will need to turn off the feature and then use 'about:config' to ensure that the setting:
has a value of 2 or above. More details on this feature are to be found on the Mozilla forums.

If you continue to have problems using these resources, please contact us.

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