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If you are having difficulty logging in:

  • You may have made a mistake, such as forgetting to include the letter 'C' in front of your card number. Click on your browser's Back button and try again, if you think this might have happened.

  • Do you have a security "firewall" (eg. ZoneAlarm Pro, Norton Internet Security) installed on your pc? If so, this can occasionally cause problems in accessing these databases because of a 'browser privacy' feature. Your software documentation should explain how to access permitted websites, or here are some tips for Norton.

  • Are you using the Firefox add-on 'Stealthier'? This also provides a browser privacy feature. Further details and tips on our software settings page

  • If you are not currently a member of Wellington City Libraries, you can join online
If none of the above categories apply to you, and you aren't successful in logging in to the databases using your Wellington City Libraries' card details please email or telephone us and we'll help you to access these tools!

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