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About mygateway.info

Many of the resources available through mygateway.info are purchased by Wellington City Libraries and are designed for the personal use of Libraries' individual members. Corporate use of full text resources is contrary to copyright provisions, and therefore customers using library cards of the type "Agent" or "Prosearch" will be denied access. Due to licensing restrictions, some databases are for in-library use only. Wellington City Libraries can take no responsibility for vendor decisions regarding database content, which may include the removal of journal titles.

How to access mygateway.info

To log-on to some resources you will be prompted to enter:

  • your Wellington City Libraries card number (e.g. C1234567)
  • the last name listed on your library card

Need a card?

If you don't currently have a library card, you can join the library for free if you're a Wellington City resident or ratepayer. We also have other types of memberships.

Having problems?

If you cannot access a database, visit our login tips page.
If you require any help in using this site or the resources included, please contact us.