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Annual Reports are a great way of finding out all about a particular company, e.g.-

  • What projects have they completed during the past year
  • Have they made a profit
  • What are their intentions for the next financial year
  • Who is on the board

Annual Reports are also very useful to consult if you are thinking of applying for a position in a particular company.

New Zealand annual reports

Annual reports for publicly listed New Zealand companies, associations and organisations of all types including; community, Crown Research Institutes, tertiary institutes, and government agencies other than Departments or Ministries are housed at the north end of the 1st floor.

The collection mainly comprises annual and interim reports, but may also include statements of corporate intent and prospectuses and profiles and other company information. The collection does not profess to include every company, organisation or government agency annual report available. Many companies now post their annual reports on their website, and no longer publish a physical copy. Where possible, two copies of the latest annual report are held, one being reference, the other available for short-term loan (ask at the north end, First Floor enquiries desk). Back-runs of reports are kept where possible.

The collection is filed by logical "themes" eg Health Authorities, Energy providers, Port Authorities, District Health Boards, Crown Research Institutes, Industry/producer boards, Tertiary institutes, and charitable organisations, then a straightforward alphabetical section of all other companies.

We also have a collection of newspaper clippings, prospectuses, annual reports, and other documents (we are grateful to the Evening Post for this donation), in many cases dating from the 1970's, for a number of New Zealand companies, both large and small. Many of these companies either no longer exist, or are not publicly listed. Some will be integrated with the existing collection at a later date, but meantime they can be found housed on the first floor north, adjacent to the Science and Humanities Workroom. It would be useful, therefore, to check both collections.

The annual reports for Government Departments and Ministries who also choose to issue a separate glossy report in addition to the one tabled in Parliament in the A-J's can also be found on the 2nd floor alongside the A-J's.

International annual reports

As with New Zealand annual reports, many of these can be found on the company's website. Check out these links:

  • Financial Times online free annual report service This is a free service provided by WILink and FT.com. Search by industry or company name.
  • Investor Relations Information Network This again is a free site in which you can gain access to nearly 3,000 annual reports in either pdf or html format, or request paper copies. These appear to be American companies. Companies can be searched for by Ticker symbol, SIC code or company name.
  • Northcote The company has searched the web for the Annual reports of U.K. companies who have published on the Internet
  • Annualreports.com Annualreports.com professes to be the most complete and up-to-date listing of Annual Reports and related financial reports online today, with a current listing of over 2,200 annual reports (including the majority of the Fortune 500 companies). This is a free site.
  • SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval) SEDAR is the Canadian equivalent of EDGAR. You can get public securities filings. This is a free site. Companies can be searched for by name or by industry and type of document and date of filing. A good site.
  • U.S. Securities Commission Edgar Database A database of company filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Last updated August 2019

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