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    Twilight Trivia Night Question and Answers

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    All the questions from the aforementioned TTN are below (well, not the music ones). The answers are there, but you need to highlight them to see them. Not too hard, and not too easy. Just right.

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    Twilight Trivia Night Wrapup

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    entrancewayThis time last week (approximately) over 100 people in 31 teams competed to see who knew the most Twilight trivia. As you’d expect with a name like this, the Twiologists came away with the victory with an impressive 73 out of a possible 80 points. So, yes, they know Twilight. Actually, lots of people do as it turned out; we were impressed with the range of knowledge (fancy remembering who Mike went to the wedding with!). We’ll be posting the questions here soon, so if you weren’t there you can test your knowledge and if you were there you can once again bask in your cleverness.

    staffroomSome things worth noting: some cool costumes, including the trucks (who won the spot prize), the forks (sorry I took such a long time to get it!) and the Volturi with their freakish red contacts (coming from a person who thinks being able to put contacts in your eyes is freakish). The nearly but not quite award (if there’d been one) would have gone to the team who missed out on second to last place by half a point… too many.

    So, until next time, keep reading, enjoy the movie when it comes out, and remember that Nosferatu is indeed available from Wellington Central Libraries.

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    Jack’s Badge Making Business

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    Jack’s been making 100 badges for the Twilight Trivia Night tomorrow night. Because he’s going to be busy setting up sound gear and stuff tomorrow he’s not going to be able to make any last minute badges, so you’ll need to send in your badge request before 6pm tonight if you haven’t already! If you haven’t been able to before now never fear, he’s got some non-customised Twilight-y badges too.

    If you’re registered and ready to go you’ll be united with your badges at the info desk at the central library shortly after 6pm. See you then.

    p.s. If you weren’t able to make it to the quiz you might be interested to hear that we’ll be posting quiz questions on this blog in some form very soon.

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    Twilight Quiz Questions

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    We’ve received emails asking about the questions for the Twilight Quiz this Friday. Are they hard? Are they easy? Here are some so you might get an idea. These are ones that didn’t make it in to the quiz! So don’t go thinking they’ll be asked on the night.

    Oh and also, some bad news. So many teams have registered we’ve had to close registrations. The room is only so big and if too many squeeze in it might literally drop onto Harris Street. There are that many Twilight fans! Sorry.

    Anyhoo, here are those questions. The answers are in white text so you will need to highlight them to read them. Don’t cheat though!

    1. Which of Bella’s Forks classmates talks to her first?
    2. What sort of car does Rosalie drive?
    AnswerRed BMW M3 convertible.
    3. What is the name of Sam’s girlfriend?
    AnswerEmily (Young)
    4. What is the first name of Bella’s stepfather?
    5. What’s the name of the Volturi receptionist?
    A) Gianna
    B) Maggie
    C) Irinia
    D) Kristina
    6. Which British actors play the Volturi vampires Aro and Caius?
    Answer Michael Sheen and Jamie Campbell
    7. What is the name of the band from Franklin, Tennessee who wrote 2 songs for the Twilight movie and what are the names of the songs?
    Answer Paramore – Decode : I caught myself
    8. Who sings ‘Tremble for my beloved’?
    Answer Collective Soul
    9. What song by Muse plays during the baseball scene?
    AnswerSupermassive black hole

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    Twilight – The Musical

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    That’s right, Twilight the musical can be watched online. It’s not official! It’s a parody, in fact! Which means you mightn’t like it (apparently it becomes funnier after the first episode). Oh and you will need broadband probably.

    Oh and don’t forget to register for the Twilight Trivia Night. It’s in, like, three weeks, and you will need time to work on a costume (it’s on the night before Hallowe’en, so why not come in costume?).

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    Official Twilight Trivia Night Video

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    In keeping with my tradition (can one other time even be considered a tradition?) of making video ads for our upcoming teen events, here is the official Wellington City Libraries Twilight Trivia Night trailer:


    Thank you to Kristina and Matthew for starring.

    Remember everyone to register, it promises to be a fun night!

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    Register now for the Twilight Trivia Night!

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    Registrations are now open for the Twilight Trivia Night (Friday 30 October, 6.30pm, Central Library). Enter your team (or yourself) here for your chance at glory and prizes.

    What’s the Twilight Trivia Night? It’s like a pub quiz but without the pub, and focusing on facts and trivia to do with the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer (the books, the movies, the music, the hysteria, the sparkles). According to the posters it’s the quiz “you can really get your teeth into.” Ha ha ha. We know there are some Twilight experts out there and we want to find out who you are! Of course non-experts will have the opportunity to duke it out for a special tactical non-expert award, so don’t be put off! Register now!

    badgesizeBut wait, there’s more! If you send in a team image we’ll turn it into a team badge for you. Email your image to The badges are round and 5.5cm across. Here’s a poor diagram to help you visualise it. Anything is fine, pretty much.

    See you there.

    Quick update: for ages 13 to 18 (inclusive).

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    A Bit More Information

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    Think you know this book?

    Coming soon: your chance to pit your knowledge against others in a battle of wits, intellect and fandom. Registrations open soon (maximum four in a team), so corral your gifted Twilight fanatic friends* and we’ll see you at the Central Library.

    The Twilight Trivia Night
    Friday 30 October 2009

    * although if you’re not a fanatic or even strictly a fan don’t fear: there may well be a strategic prize in the offing that might prove more challenging to win than first place.

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    lol wut?

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    Think you know Twilight?
    Friday 30 October 2009