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  • Rachel and Rebecca

    Trailer Tuesday

    30.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    The film festival has just started! This is super exciting to us, especially for Rachel who works it every year. Bonus points to you if you spot her while at a screening. You can pick up a brochure from any of your local libraries to see the enormous scope of what’s on. OR you can take our word for it and just pay attention to our picks…

    New Zealand’s own Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song, directed by Tim van Dammen

    This is the story you know transposed to the beachside Verona Campground not so very far from Auckland. It started as a soundtrack, with Shakespeare’s text being set to 21st-century Kiwi trailer trash pop. Yes it does need to be seen to be believed. Christopher Landon and Derya Parlak as Romeo and Juliet clearly belong together; they’re just so much prettier than anyone else. Their clashing clans are decked out in richly imagined array of riotous summery tackiness and perform with gusto.

    The Selfish Giant, directed by Clio Barnard

    This contemporary fable about the friendship of two 13-year-old boys of strikingly different temperaments falling under the influence of a scrap metal dealer who runs gypsy horse races on the side is partially modeled on Oscar Wilde’s story of the same name. Exciting, tough and superbly acted by a mix of non-professional and recognisable character actors, this is a bracing dispatch from the bottom of the heap.

    Wadjda, directed and written by Haifaa Al Mansour

    Set in Riyadh, Wadjda is not only the first full-length film to be entirely shot in Saudi Arabia, but it is also the first feature to be directed anywhere by a Saudi woman. In a country where women are not allowed to vote or drive, and cinema itself is banned, it’s already a surprising achievement. The film is as smart and funny as its young heroine, scoring its satiric points with a light hand, while never leaving us in any doubt that public life for a Saudi woman is seriously limited. If you see nothing else, see this. Super bonus points if you spot us both at screenings.

    The Spectacular Now, directed by James Ponsoldt

    This Sundance hit is a blessedly unaffected high school romance enacted with lovely directness by a superb duo of young performers. Miles Teller stars as a popular, all-round likeable boy whose easy-going charm may be more dependent on the hip flask in his pocket than he or anyone else realises. When his girlfriend tires of the good times, an unlikely new romance dawns with a much more introspective and conservative girl played brilliantly by Shailene Woodley.

    The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola

    Between 2008 and 2009 a gang of high-schoolers, who became known by the media as The Bling Ring, stole more than $3m in clothes, cash, jewellery and art from the homes of Paris Hilton (who makes a brief appearance), Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and more. Using gossip sites like TMZ, they calculated when their victims would be out of town and googled their addresses. Easy as. Hilton was even so kind as to leave a key under her doormat. Not exactly criminal masterminds, The Bling Ring took selfies of themselves in designer swag and brazenly posted them on Facebook…

    … we could go on for quite some time. You should definitely check out the brochure!

  • Rachel and Rebecca, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

    25.06.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    You (well a couple of you) asked for the return of Trailer Tuesday so here we go! For your viewing pleasure we bring you two very different films:

    From the AH-mazing Sofia Coppola, The Bling Ring

    Annnd, for a follow up to the hilarious first instalment, Despicable Me 2

    Speaking of requests to us, have you seen our updated procrastination enabling page?

  • Simon, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

    20.12.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    Well look, some trailers.  I haven’t been able to find too many new ones lately, regardless of how many hours I spend watching Youtube.

    Jack The Giant Killer is based on Jack and the Giant Beanstalk, which, if you don’t remember, is about Jack, giants, and beanstalks. Also Nicholas Hoult is in it, so the film automatically gets 5 stars. Thanks.

     G. I. Joe : Retaliation is the second G. I. Joe film. Do you remember the first film? All I can recall is how bad it was. So I guess a second film is, in its way, retaliation, for giving viewers it (and Dragonball : Evolution) the benefit of the doubt and hoping for at least a few hours of mindlessly enjoyable action. Anyway, here’s the trailer.

    Men in Black 3. Part two was released nine years ago, which is a long time in movie franchise years.

    Here’s a trailer for an ebook download! It’s the Yellow Submarine (by popular British band, The Beatles) and it is interactive. Our first interactive ebook trailer – truly a milestone! MERRY XMAS!

    LATE ADDITION: Wrath of the Titans (i.e. the sequel to Clash of the Titans) has a trailer. Watch it here! Also Dark Knight Rises has a trailer you can watch here, if you are into Batman (and you are).

  • Simon, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

    15.11.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    Hey you guys, this is an exciting Trailer Tuesday! Sure, the other ones are exciting too (I would be the first to admit) but this is a bit more exciting. For at long last there is a proper trailer out for the teen coming-of-age adventure/dystopian nightmare horror, The Hunger Games. It really looks exactly how I (and therefore probably you) imagined it. Watch it below:

    What do you think? Pretty spot-on, or a miss? Team Peeta or Team Gale (GALE). Woody Harrelson’s wig?

    Snow White and the Hunstman is coming soon. Kristen Stewart is Snow White and Charlize Theron chews through the scenery as the evil queen, who hires Thor to hunt down Bella. Not sure about the dwarf situation! Unfortunately this is one trailer I can not embed, so please view it here.


    Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island is the sequel to Journey to the Centre of the Earth (both are based on Jules Verne books). It has Peeta in it, along with Dwayne Johnson and bees! Giant bees!

    AND FINALLY. This.

    T H E    E N D

  • New, Simon, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

    01.11.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    Tuesday trailers! Like Hollywood but at home via your public library. And only for a few minutes.

    Firstly here is some good (?) news – Fraggle Rock is to be turned into a movie! “Get your cares away!” “The trashheap has spoken!” That’s what you will be saying in a few years, probably.

    A new trailer is out for for Mission : Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which seems to have action oozing from every pore.


    The Lorax is a film based on the Dr. Suess book (for children, obviously). Until we saw the trailer we didn’t have much hope for this film here at Teen Blog Laboratories, but it actually seems very funny! And nice to look at. And that’s what you want in a film.

    Here’s a new featurette for the Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn. Talking about the wedding or something?

    And finally ParaNorman, about a boy who sees dead things? I am not sure what is going on! It is a teaser trailer.

    -~~ T H E    E N D ~~-

  • Movies, Simon

    Trailer Tuesday

    25.10.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    Tuesday already? Man, it feels like the last Trailer Tuesday was only yesterday.

    The first trailer is for a game that you either don’t care about or are champing at the bit to play. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is the game! It is massively popular. Playing the first Starcraft competitively is a major sport in South Korea, interestingly. ~0Oo~ The More You Know ~oOo~

    This game won’t be out until next year sometime.

    Here’s a trailer for a film called Chronicle, due out early next year. It looks great! Sort of like Akira, I thought, although a lot of others say it’s like Misfits. I say both!

    The trailer now has like 4.5 million views – when I saw it on the weekend it had only a few hundred, so it seems interest is running high. I can not wait to see it!

    Don’t forget to watch the second trailer for The Adventures of Tintin. Watch it here in HD and be BLOWN AWAY. Even though it’s not out until just before Christmas here, it has already earnt some very good reviews.

    Aaaand did you know that early next year Star Wars 1 : The Phantom Menace is to be re-released early next year in 3D? Each film in the series will be released annually thereafter, in 3D. Not sure if they will be re-edited (maybe get rid of Jar-Jar, or that weird robot waitress in that cafe in the third one, do you remember that? Eeesh) but probably.

    ~ Le Fin ~

  • Simon, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

    18.10.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    Time for Trailer Tuesday, an occasional regular feature. “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out” – Heidi Klum. 

    The first trailer for The Avengers (the superhero group consisting of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and a few others without their own movies sadly but may have had bit parts in other films, who can remember, frankly?) is out. It is directed by Joss Whedon, who came up with Buffy. So it might be good! But he’s also responsible for The Dollhouse, so it might not be that good! (Sorry, Joss). Anyway, here it is.

    Here’s the new video for Beyonce’s latest, Love on Top. Not a trailer, but who makes the rules? ME

    A new trailer for the forthcoming Muppet film can be viewed here (along with all the others). It (the film, not the trailer) contains ‘mild rude humor,’ so you might want to be discrete.

    War Horse, a Steven Spielberg film based on a Michael Morpurgo book, has a pretty epic trailer. At last; a film that will delight people who like horsies as well as fans of war films.

    ~ The END ~

  • Movies, Trailers, Vic Ferrari

    Trailer Tuesday

    11.10.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    There’s a new Tintin trailer out and it looks sooo action packed and exciting! Watch the first (more subdued) one here.

    This blog is mostly about items in the “Young Adult” area of the library and the trailer below is about a movie called “Young Adult”, just ideal really.

    Fans of either dance movies and exploding buses should be entertained by the new Footloose movie. Yes, a bus explodes.

    See you next time at the movies!

  • Movies, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday

    27.09.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    Jane Eyre is on at the movies at the moment (good news!). So we thought we would spotlight another classic 19th Century adaptation, this time Wuthering Heights:

    This one is directed by Andrea Arnold (notice she likes a square screen), and stars Kaya Scodelario who was in Skins. There have been lots of adaptations of Wuthering Heights, there’s a couple in the young adult collection here.

    On a completely different subject, we have: whales. More to the point, whales caught under Arctic ice (true story):

    And finally, because it’s topical (or it was a few weeks ago) and also polar, here’s Happy Feet 2!

  • Simon, Trailers

    Trailer Tuesday – Film Festival Special

    26.07.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday – Film Festival Special

    The International Film Festival is starting this week, and there are some really good films screening. They are all good! Sure! But some might be better than others. Some are rated 16+ or 18+, so might be out of your league. But the tickets are pretty reasonably priced for students/under 15s, so you have no excuse really.

    Troll Hunter is a Norwegian mockumentary that I am particularly looking forward to. The trailer (below!) is great.

    Space Battleship Yamato! The title says it all. Space! Battleship! Yamato! Here’s the official website. And here is the trailer. Or maybe several trailers together. It looks epic – if you don’t want to see it then I don’t know what to tell you.

    Another Japanese film worth watching is Studio Ghibli’s latest, Arrietty. Trailer! Go!

    There are heaps more. Browse the website!

    * T H E   E N D *

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