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    Pottermore, finally

    20.04.12 | Permalink | Comments Off on Pottermore, finally

    Last year – in June, in fact! – it was announced that Pottermore was, well, something, but we weren’t sure what. Then special people got to play while they were beta testing. Now everyone can! You can sign up to enjoy Pottermore: a unique online Harry Potter experience from J K Rowling. Here’s a sneak peek:

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    Trailer Tuesday

    14.06.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    This week it is a special E3 edition of Trailer Tuesday. Hurrah! Games!

    One of the most exciting things previewed at E3 this year was not actually a game, rather a new Nintendo console, the Wii U.

    Pretty sweet, right? There isn’t an official release date, so don’t start holding your breath just yet.

    Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is getting some game of the year buzz based on this trailer

    Fair enough too. Sadly (for XBox 360 owners like me) it’s a PS3 exclusive. Out November-ish.

    There is a new Assassins Creed game on the way, Assassins Creed Revelations.

    No gameplay in there, but doesn’t it look cool? Well, doesn’t it? 15th November on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

    This trailer for Halo 4 is the epitome of a “teaser trailer”

    We can assume it will be awesome though. Out sometime in 2012.

    If you would like to read more about E3 and games in general, look insde the pages of these magazines; Playstation: Official Magazine and 360 XBox

    Bye for now!

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    Trailer Tuesday

    15.02.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Trailer Tuesday

    Hey you guys, last week there was the awards ceremony by the Visual Effects Society for visual effects. Which makes sense! While mainly for film and television and ads, there were awards given to game trailers. We don’t carry games at the library, but a trailer is a trailer so you can watch the winners here if you like!

    Alex Flinn, reteller of folk stories and author of Beastly, about a hot guy who learns that beauty is on the inside, has a new book out called Cloaked, a ‘melange of several fairy stories’ set in the present. Here’s the official trailer. (Also, watch (if you haven’t already) the trailer to the film version of Beastly which is due out in March.)

    And finally, here is a trailer for the YA fantasy book called Children of the Elementi. It is an independently published book, and you can get it as an ebook via the author’s website no worries. Digital books for a digital era!

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    Twihards rejoice!

    02.10.09 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    Are you familiar with the Scene-it? series of DVD games? They’re a series of movie quiz games you can play on your DVD player – sort of like Buzz, but don’t require a console. Anyway, the exciting news is that a Twilight one is coming very soon and is even coming to the Nintendo Wii in some sort of super deluxe package. Team Edward can face off against Team Jacob in trivia showdowns very soon then.

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    Gamers rejoice

    29.09.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Gamers rejoice

    The 2009 Tokyo Game Show is under way, and a massive trailer for Final Fantasy XIII (that’s 13 in Roman numerals) has been released. It’s in Japanese! So probably difficult to follow, unless you’re able to understand Japanese. Either way it sure looks good. It won’t be available outside Japan until about the middle of 2010.

    Update! There’s a subtitled version. Enjoy.

    The trailer is available below – Read more…

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    Free Realms very nearly open

    29.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Free Realms very nearly open

    Free Realms, the mostly free MMO from Sony, opens today (the website is currently under maintenance in preparation). It’s a game for all ages, and is laden with minigames, pets, PvP, cardgames, and all that. People who have played it seem to love it and find plenty of things to do.

    Check out the trailer for it below:

    Similarly, take a gander at Wizard101, another MMO for all ages.

    Previous MMO posts.

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    Pew pew pew

    24.04.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Pew pew pew

    Here’s some games for the weekend, before school starts again.

    Gemcraft Chapter 0 – Haven’t played it, to be honest.
    Bridgecraft – Build bridges (using physics) to help cute little jelly alien things not drown.
    Scarygirl – This is really, REALLY cool.
    Capeoira Fighter 3 – a fighting game, where you can play against the computer, or against other people.
    Deepleap – Make words from the letters for points, and before the timer. Like Scrabble + Tetris + Space Invaders.
    Hex Empire – a realtime strategy game, sort of like Empire or Risk. I’m a bit useless at it.
    Don’t Look Back – this has the most basic graphics, but don’t be put off – the gameplay is madly addictive.
    Viking Defense – You’re a viking! Yay!
    Hands of War – Old-school RPG.


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    Online Gaming

    28.02.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Online Gaming

    Free Realms is an MMO (massive multiplayer online game) that is due out later in the year. It’s free in that you don’t need to pay to play it (like you would with World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, and others) and that you are free to do just about anything you want; you can race cars, raise pets, be a wizard, or whatever. It’s kid-friendly and intended for all ages.

    Open beta begins in April, and you can sign up for it now.

    Another MMO on its way is Star Wars : The Old Republic; an online webcomic set in the Old Republic, with new issues popping up twice a month, is available here.

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    Googlewhack: An Idle Google Game Part 2

    13.02.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Googlewhack: An Idle Google Game Part 2

    An oldie but a goodie for wasting time.

    Googlewhack is a game where you type two words into a Google search to yield only one result (it even has its own website). It’s pretty difficult but infinitely rewarding (as all time wasters are). In a few minutes of trying the best I got was two results for “shwar aardvark”. You have to spell things correctly of course or else you’re cheating (even with spelling errors it’s still hard since lots of people can’t spell).

    The first rule of Googlewhack: don’t brag about your Googlewhack find on the internet; you’ll unGooglewhack yourself. So if you get one we’ll just have to take your word for it.

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    An Idle Google Game

    09.02.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on An Idle Google Game

    If you’re bored try this, courtesy of John Green’s blog (and here, Hank is his brother) via Marshall County Library’s Young Adult Blog:

    Type your name into Google followed by a verb then hit ‘search’ to make all sorts of discoveries.

    Example number 1:
    Grimm says…
    … he is ready for Steelers’ top coaching job.

    I sure am, yes siree, let me at them! The Steelers, they play American football right?

    Example number 2:
    Grimm does… 
    … not need to hide behind some absurd mask

    Actually yes I do – it’s much easier to write with mask firmly intact.

    Other verbs to consider: eats, loves, needs, wants, wears, loves… basically anything you can think of.

    This really is totally a great way of looking like you’re doing important work.

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