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  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    New fashion and beauty

    24.10.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    I’m so excited about these two new books (and my new kitty jumper from Orla Kiely!):


    I’ve already raved about The Dress: 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion over on our tumblr, but you also need to see The Daily Face. It takes after this very popular blog and is written by Annamarie Tendler, who is a makeup artist and is one of the contributors for online beauty mag Glamour. It has lots of different makeup looks in it, including three different cats eye looks. Three!! Very helpful with great illustrations and easy-easy instructions; sweet!


    Syndetics book coverThe dress : 100 iconic moments in fashion / Megan Hess.
    “From Ms Hepburn’s elegant black shift to Lady Gaga’s meat gown, The Dress relives the marvellous and unforgettable dresses of fashion: think Liz Hurley’s safety-pin ensemble, Princess Di’s neverending wedding dress, or that unforgettable white halter sported by Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch. Megan Hess’ fabulous illustrations celebrate a collection of frocks that take readers on a decadent romp through fashion history, from the haute to the hot. This is a compendium of gowns that have captured a moment in history, the spirit of a generation and the indefinable energy of a fashion icon, and an exploration of why they continue to resonate with audiences, decades on.” (Syndetics summary)

    Syndetics book coverThe daily face : 25 makeup looks for day, night, and everything in between! / Annamarie Tendler ; photographs by Justin Ouellette.
    “Makeup artist Annamarie Tendler’s Daily Face feature on her hugely popular Tumblr blog has inspired hundreds of thousands of followers. Now in her first book, she takes readers around the clock with 25 easy-to-achieve looks for everything from an afternoon first date to a retro-glam cocktail party or a sultry smoky-eyed late night. She even throws in some head-turning costume ideas. It’s all about personal expression. Step-by-step photos make it easy for anyone (even the makeup challenged) to follow along. Tendler’s pro tips and “less is more” philosophy will appeal to women who want to look amazing without spending hours in front of the mirror. A chic, purse-sized flexi paperback, this is the perfect guide for the girl on the go.” (Syndetics summary)

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Weekend Fashion Read

    17.10.14 | Permalink | Comment?


    Yep, that’s a lot of rain outside. Not ideal for a spring Friday! Lucky I have this new fashion book for the weekend:

    Syndetics book coverFashion manifesto : the guide for the style-savvy / written by Sofia Hedström ; photos by Anna Schori ; foreword by Vivienne Westwood ; translated by Sarah Snavely.
    “Fashion Manifesto will forever change your relationship to clothes and fashion. Refuse to be a fashion slave and start thinking creatively about your own outfit! Renew your wardrobe and your style, but without having to shop! Master the seven essential fashion rules for streamlining your closet and explore over fifty different ways to reinvent garments. Equal parts memoir, manifesto, and how-to, this book chronicles the experiences of Sofia Hedstrom, as she subjected her overweight wardrobe to a detox and stopped clothes-shopping for one year. Her mission was to become fashion fit, and together with well-known photographer Anna Schori, she found a thriving frugal fashion movement and discovered the secrets of both young fashionistas and expert masters of style from around the world. Hedstrom proves that we can all be “style smart”!” (Syndetics summary)

    I’m pretty excited to read this book and see how I can stretch my wardrobe $$$ further. This is also probably the closest I will ever get to not buying any clothes for a year…

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

    26.09.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    Syndetics book coverWorn stories / Emily Spivack.
    Have you ever thought about what your clothes say about you?  Or rather what stories your clothes could tell?  That’s, kind of, the idea behind this book, each piece of clothing, especially your very favourites, are a mini memoir of you.  Spivak has chosen people to talk about their favourite item of clothing to create an intimate, highly personal telling of individual style or fashion.  I think it fits with the evolution of fashion that’s happening – from catwalk and magazine to street style and personal style blogs, from models to real people.  Spivak has also created the Smithsonian’s fashion history blog Threaded, so her book fits the intellectual-fashion movement that’s going on too (more on that in Women in Clothes and Why Fashion Matters).

    Also, if you want some real (librarian) person style, check out the library’s tumblr.  Every week (well, hopefully) you’ll find a librarian wardrobe post (and other Fashion Friday stuff too).  Here’s the lovely Francoise.


  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Project Runway

    12.09.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    Want to be a fashion designer? If you have dreams of having your own glamorous designer label, then you should check out this month’s Fashion and Beauty Popular Topics page – it’s a full edit of shiny new books all about getting started in the fashion biz. You can thank me later! (preferably in designer scarves and handbags, please).

    Photo: fashiongonerogue

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

    29.08.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    Fashion tag is a website I’m currently obsessed with.  It was created by Dana Christina Straut, a fashion journalism graduate and writer, and it covers all things fashiony, high and low, street or runway.  And she’s not afraid to ask the big questions, like do we still like overalls, are birkenstocks ugly (THE question for summer) and are high-waisted jeans the best thing ever (personally, I’m undecided).

    Syndetics book coverA denim story : inspirations from boyfriends to bellbottoms…
    Keeping on with the denim theme I just discovered this new (old) book at the library, by Emily Current, Merritt Eliott and Hilary Walsh, of Current Eliott denim fame (they ‘invented’ the current incarnation of the boyfriend jean).  It covers their denim inspirations and features denim icons Marilyn Monroe, Jane Birkin, Kate Moss and Patti Smith, amongst others. It’s a visual, moodboard type book.  Really cool!

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Choupette Lagerfeld

    18.07.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    Photo: Instagram

    Prepare yourselves; we are in the midst of a pet revolution! Karl Lagerfeld’s famously pampered kitty, Choupette, has secured herself a book deal. Yes, she can write! In her upcoming book Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat, Choupette tells all about her luxurious lifestyle – she owns her own iPad and eats at the dinner table from fine china. She has two maids entirely devoted to her grooming and pampering, as well as access to a chauffeur-driven car. Karl Lagerfeld, doting cat daddy, describes her as being “like a kept woman. [...] She is beyond spoiled.”

    Photo: Instagram

    Choupette’s  “complete guide to the art of living” will include photos of the treasured feline shot by Lagerfeld, as well as sections on diet, healthcare, fashion and beauty and confessions of Choupette’s great loves and pet hates.

    If you are amping to know aaaaall about Choupette’s innermost thoughts and feelings (admit it), you can soon find it here! The book is set to be released in September, and will soon be available to reserve on our catalogue. In the meantime, you can enjoy some of our other entertaining Lagerfeld publications:

    Syndetics book coverThe world according to Karl : the wit and wisdom of Karl Lagerfeld / edited by Jean-Christophe Napias, Sandrine Gulbenkian ; foreword by Patrick Mauriès ; illustrations by Charles Ameline.
    “Karl Lagerfeld’s quick wit and silver tongue are as notorious as Chanel’s quilted handbag. This book is a cornucopia of his Karlisms: cultivated, unpredictable, provocative, sometimes shocking, but always impossible to ignore. His wise, surprising statements pop up like offbeat news flashes and are regularly seized upon by fashionistas, acolytes, and sages the world over. Here, in his own deadpan words, are his exacting opinions on everything-from fashion, style, women, and Chanel to fame, life, and books. This is the ultimate repertoire of wit and wisdom from fashion’s sharpest pin.” – adapted from amazon.com

    Lagerfeld confidential [videorecording] / Realitism Films presents a Realitism Film production ; a film by Rodolphe Marconi.
    A look at the life of the man who ruled the House of Chanel for over 20 years through interviews with those who knew him best, including Lagerfeld himself. Features Princess Caroline of Monaco and Nicole Kidman.

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

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    Fashiony films continue to be a feature of the New Zealand International Film Festival.  This year two awesome films have been selected.  I will definitely be going to both.

    First up is Yves Saint Laurent, a fictionalised telling of the great designer’s life.  It was released in 2014 by French director Jalil Lespert and is considered the ‘official’ biopic of YSL, having been given the blessing of YSL’s partner Pierre Bergé.  Jalil was given free range with the YSL archives and the film covers all aspects of Saint Laurent’s life – his designs, talent, depression and drug use.

    The second film is Dior and I.  It is a documentary about the House of Christian Dior’s current designer (the much acclaimed) Raf Simons as he prepares his debut collection for Dior.  The film looks at the nitty gritty of the creative process and all the hard work and planning that goes into presenting a collection.  It was written and directed by Frédéric Tcheng, who also made the fashion documentaries Vreeland: The eye has to travel (EXCELLENT) and Valentino: The Last Emperor.

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Fashion and beauty inspo

    27.06.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    This week, I’ve made two hot new discoveries that I think you’re going to love.

    The first is this book by Zoë Foster:

    Syndetics book coverAmazing face : clever beauty tricks, should-own products and spectacularly useful how-to-do-its / Zoë Foster.
    This book came out in 2011 so I was a bit worried that some of the info wouldn’t be that relevant anymore, but WOW was I wrong!

    This book is awesome – I learnt heaps about how to improve the condition of my skin (no matter what your skin type, this book can help you!), some great makeup tricks I never would have thought of and even how to volumise my very un-voluminous hair. This woman knows seriously everything about skin, beauty and products. Find it at central!

    Zoë Foster is also the genius behind this rad beauty website (I hiiiiighly recommend), and this blog where she talks about her fiction writing. Amazing Face also recently came out as an app, so you can get your beauty hit on the go! You’re welcome.


    My other recent discovery is gabifresh.com. I am really loving the style on this blog and have been finding it super inspiring! (fyi – am now on the lookout for a neon kimono and a beige tulle tutu skirt… So easily persuaded!) This is a collection of some of my fave looks from her page. You can check out her sweet style here or follow her on any of the usual places (my fave is Instagram).


    All photos used with the permission of Gabi Gregg at gabifresh.com

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    The Hairstyle Directory

    30.05.14 | Permalink | Comment?


    How many times have you found the perfect hairstyle on Pinterest (or anywhere on the internet, for that matter) and then, when you click the link to find out how to do it, there are no instructions! Just a pretty picture. SO annoying!  So I was pretty happy when this new book arrived:

    Syndetics book coverThe hairstyle directory : the ultimate, practical guide to creating classic & modern styles / Christina Butcher.
    “From elaborate “up-dos” to casual braids, inspirational hairstyles continue to populate fashion blogs, Pinterest boards, and style magazines everywhere. However, this popularity belies a gaping lack of consolidated and authoritative advice on the techniques required to create these styles, and so the Hair Style Directory presents a comprehensive resource that identifies the practical techniques to create over 80 hairstyles. The accompanying step-by-step tutorials then give the reader the instructions they need to replicate that style.” – abridged from amazon.com

    I have it out at the mo and it’s really good – loads of hairstyles I want to try out. I’m completely useless at doing my hair (definitely guilty of sleep-styling) so am excited to try out some of the tutorials in this book. If it goes well, I’ll post some pics here… Wish me luck!

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

    16.05.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    jeans 3
    (Michele Quellet – photographed by Taylor Jewell for Jean Stories)

    Syndetics book coverDenim : from cowboys to catwalks : a visual history of the world’s most legendary fabric / Graham Marsh and Paul Trynka ; fashion editor, June Marsh.
    My friend said the other day it was time to pack away the jorts.  Winter has started I guess.  Let the real jeans season begin. 
    What is more fashion AND anti-fashion than jeans.  Probably every person owns a pair and most people wear them, either to look cool, or fashionable or to look ordinary, as a type of uniform.  Denim has become a ubiquitous fashion feature and for such a basic wardrobe staple they are still subjected to the whims and trends of fashion (moving away from skinnies into a looser fit, at the moment I think).

    jeans 1
    (Jessica de Ruiter – photographed by Katrina Dickson for Jean Stories)

    The jeans I’m really loving right now are my Acne skinnies (soooo comfortable) and ripped vintage jeans. But see, everyone has a very personal opinion on jeans and some are devoted to them.   A website I’ve been loving lately is Jean Stories.  Created by jeans lovers and former Vogue writers Jane Herman and Florence Kane, who talk to fellow jeans obsessives about their favourite styles, how to wear denim, what’s new, sneakpeeks into wardrobes.  Seriously love it.  (Particularly love the story of how a worn out pair of jeans, ripped and dirty,  from a guy from Christchurch ended up on an editor from Vogue, ha!  so FASHION)

    jeans 2
    (Jennifer Fisher – photographed by Taylor Jewell for Jean Stories)

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