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  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue


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    As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, today is the day of LOVE! While I can’t stand the raging commercialism of Valentines Day, I do like to acknowledge it in a cheap and simple way, and show my friends and family a bit of love! Yesterday I had a go at making these pretty bikkies for the fams, and today my ootd is a shout-out to V Day:


    Excuse the awkward photo angle, but I really wanted to show you the cute lovebird print on my top! I also tried out my nail art skills with a simple love heart on my index finger… if it wasn’t quite so smudged, I would photograph that for you, too.

    We have a delicious new book which falls in nicely with today’s theme, as it features Wellington fashion designers Love Hotel:

    Syndetics book coverLady Luck : conversations with creative New Zealand women / by Mariana Collette & Lisette Prendergast ; photography by Susannah Tucker ; illustrations by Connie McDonald ; design by Ceire Hopley.




    I have just reserved this book and I caaaaaan’t wait for it to come through. It features so much local talent! Highlights for me include blogger Gala Darling, musician Ladi6 and, of course, Wellington fashion designers Love Hotel. Last year we featured an interview with Love Hotel, and I still just adore their pieces – you can take a peek at some of their new goodies here. This lovely new book is full of gorgeous illustrations too; check out the cute drawing of Love Hotel designers Ella and Harriet below!

    Photo: Love Hotel

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Beauty by Dita

    24.01.14 | Permalink | Comment?

    Image: fashiongonerogue

    If you feel like you’re in need of a hair and makeup shake up, then you’re in luck!! We’ve just ordered the highly anticipated new beauty book from Dita von Teese:

    Your beauty mark: all you need to know to get the hair, makeup, glow and glam / Dita von Teese.

    While the book hasn’t hit our shelves yet, I do recommend you reserve it here. Miss von Teese has a strong style and her makeup is always impeccable, so I’ve no doubt that her book will be loaded with tips and tricks for those of us with… less beauty product prowess (like me!) This book is a must-see if you’re into the vintage vibe. Perfection.

    Image: fashiongonerogue

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

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    Cindy – FOUREYES

    Candice – FOUREYES

    Syndetics book coverFoureyes : New Zealand street style / Alex Blanco … [et al.].
    Foureyes is a street style blog run by four fashion and photography loving guys, you’ve probably heard of them by now.  I guess they have one of teh most influential fashion blogs in New Zealand and one of the only blogs that focuses on street style photography. (Check it all out here).  NOW they have a book, which is actually pretty cool.  Therre’s some quirky stuff in there (do people really dress like that?  In Auckland apparently? Good for them I say).

    I don’t read that many NZ street style blogs.  The most obvious one is good old Stuff’s Daily Street Style (in the Life and Style section).  Photographers from around NZ feed into that – such as Street and City Photos (which i don’t really like, too ernest) and Femmehysterique (which is from Dunedin, refreshingly different).  Do you have any good suggestions?

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Christmas: Fashion Highlights

    27.12.13 | Permalink | Comment?

    Well I hope that Christmas was very good to all of you this year!! I had an awesome day with my family, and got some really nice presents. A couple of fashion highlights are a Hello Kitty necklace identical to this one (if I wasn’t quite so slack I would’ve photographed the real thing for you – I’m sorry, but I was too busy indulging in Christmas choccies!) I am super stoked because, even though I’m waaaaay too old for it, I love Hello Kitty. Funnily enough, my four year old niece also got some Hello Kitty goodies for Christmas and was equally excited… Hmm!! I also got some very pretty new swimwear, which is similar to this. So pretty!! However, this is the view out our office window as I write this post:


    Blaaaah!! Hopefully me and my hot new swimwear can enjoy some warmer, sunnier weather soon. And you, too!! Catch you in 2014!

  • Fashion Friday, Le Chic Librarian

    Fashion Friday

    13.12.13 | Permalink | Comment?

    I am back!!!!

    Yes, Le Chic Librarian has returned. From a year of complete fashion fabulousness and oh my goodness, the things that happened while I was away – Kim K became the world’s most glamorous mother, J-Law had a haircut, the 1990s and grunge made their fashion comeback, an awesome Glassons flagship launched on Lambton Quay, Marc Jacobs left Louis Vuitton, Alexa Chung turned THIRTY (!) and continued to look awesome.
    Meanwhile, I was travelling the globe searching for inspiration, following fashion weeks, stalking street style.


    Or, perhaps not…..


  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    What I Wore

    29.11.13 | Permalink | Comment?

    As you may have noticed, I love me a bit of ootd (or wiwt, depending on your preference!) action. Just something about looking at other people’s real, every day outfits (i.e – outfits that aren’t put together by a magazine stylist with oodles of fab expensive clothes and accessories to select from) is so fun, and also great for getting ideas for your own outfits! If you’re loving this trend too, I can recommend this book:

    Syndetics book coverWhat I wore : four seasons, one closet, endless recipes for personal style / Jessica Quirk.What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style
    “Quirk, the blogger behind What I Wore, a personal fashion-based blog she’s written since 2008, explains season by season and week by week how to build a fabulous wardrobe. Original, full-color illustrations created by the author will help readers have fun getting dressed and feel confident and stylish every day.” (Syndetics summary)

    Written by the author of the What I Wore blog, this book is rad because it helps you to get the most out of the items in your wardrobe, by suggesting lots of different ways to wear them. It also suggests items that come in handy for each season, and is full of beautiful illustrations - and, of course, ootd pics!! Definitely get it out!

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Catching Fire

    22.11.13 | Permalink | Comment?

    I think ya’ll know what movie started this week – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Woop!! I can’t wait to see it this weekend. If you want to relive a little of the magic of the first movie before you see the next one, get it here!!

    The hunger games [videorecording] / Lionsgate presents a Color Force/Lionsgate production ; a Gary Ross film.
    Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister’s place for the latest match.

    This week has seen Jennifer Lawrence in a range of luxe get ups as she attends a billion photo calls and premieres of her latest flick – let’s revel in some of the fabulousness:


    All photos from fashiongonerogue

    So many dresses in just a few days… lucky girl!

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Fashion eBooks

    15.11.13 | Permalink | Comment?

    So, this morning I made a new discovery. We have some really good fashion reads on Overdrive, our eBook site!!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a massive fan of real ink and paper books. I enjoy the tactile quality of a real book and especially real fashion books, because they’re often so gorgeous with lushly printed images and beautifully set out headings and chapters. However, fashion eBooks are so incredibly handy, it’s hard not to love them too!! Perfect for when you can’t get to the library, or if you need a book to read on the go (and, tbh, some fashion books really aren’t a great size or shape (or weight!!) for carrying around with you).

    Even better, you don’t specifically need an eReader to enjoy them. I’ve been reading a few on my phone, so even though the screen is obviously way bigger on an eReader, it’s totally fine without one! Just go to the Overdrive page on our website, search ‘fashion’ and check the results. There are a couple I have my eye on, and we’re adding to our eBook collection all the time. Enjoy?

    Photo: Carrie at wishwishwish

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Librarian Wardrobe

    08.11.13 | Permalink | Comment?

    Last week we made a happy new discovery… librarian wardrobe! It’s a super sweet site where librarians worldwide can contribute their own ootd photos (some of the contributions following Halloween are somewhat disturbing but I urge you to scroll down and keep looking through, it’s awesome! And I do like dem galactic kitty tights.)

    We thought a Wellington City Libraries version of librarian wardrobe would be rad, so check out the get ups of your Wellington city librarians.







    A huge thanks to all of my illustrious models – looking fab!

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Arm candy

    01.11.13 | Permalink | Comment?

    Who here has a handbag fetish? Please picture me waving my arm feverishly because I do!! And we have ordered a brand new book which celebrates the glory of the all-important arm candy:

    Syndetics book coverBag : The Ultimate Fashion Accessory
    “Featuring handbags from well-known fashion designers as well as up-and-coming new talent, this book showcases the most exciting and innovative handbag designers from across the globe, including Chanel, Philip Lim, Dolce & Gabbana, and Marc Jacobs. Bag is beautifully illustrated with specially commissioned photographs, alongside original sketches and moodboards, to reflect the rich and diverse range of bag design. Certain bag styles have achieved iconic status and are copied the world over, each with its own instantly recognizable name. Seeking to understand the creative processes behind these covetable handbags, the book also includes an informed and considered commentary on the style and technique of each designer and brand featured.” – amazon.com

    I’ve noticed a trend online lately of photographing the contents of your handbag. This is by no means a new thing, but it seems to be especially hawt right now! I also saw that, apparently, the average value of an average British woman’s handbag and its contents is £1,300. Excluding their phone. !!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea where these peeps are buying their handbags from (or their contents, for that matter) but mine is nowhere near that. In case you’re curious…

    hbag copy

    1: super glam Guess handbag which I was given as a gift! Score.
    2: glasses and glasses case (librarian essentials)
    3: some soap I bought yesterday and forgot to take out of my bag
    4: gum
    5: mint chocolate (more essentials. Now history.)
    6: a library book (standard)
    7: tea leaves (yes, I am that tragic / fussy / obsessed.)
    8: hand sanitiser
    9: Furla make up bag
    10: teeny tiny deoderant
    11: solid perfume (best invention ever!)
    12: make up blotting tissues
    13: small array of lip balms and lipsticks (my other obsession.)
    14: Ferragamo wallet (loaded up with soooo many loyalty cards, you would not believe.)
    15: emergency hair tie

    Usually my phone would also feature, if I wasn’t using it at that moment to take a photo! But even including that, it’s still faaaar away from being £1,300. Ouch.

    If this is a trend you’re enjoying right now, get your fix here, here and here.  There’s even a dedicated site. Bag: The Ultimate Fashion Accessory hasn’t arrived on our shelves yet, but you can reserve it now. I have!

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