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  • Happenings, Sam

    Whakanuia Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2008!

    21.07.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Whakanuia Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2008!

    Whakarongo mai.  Listen up!  It’s Māori language week.  This year the theme is “Te Reo i te Kāinga – Māori Language in the Home.”  So here are a couple of useful words to add to your huinga kupu (vocabulary).

    hōhā – (1) be boring, bored, wearisome, tired or fed up with  (2) nuisance.  “My little brother is hōhā “. I also have it on good authority that it can be used with angsty parents, as in,  ” Mum, don’t be so hōhā!”

    turituri – shut upNot to be said to your elders!

    So there you have it. Two new kupu to try on your whānau.

    Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2008 – karawhiua mai! (Māori language week 2008 – bring it on!)


  • Happenings, Sam

    All aboard the Doulos

    09.07.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on All aboard the Doulos

    Ahoy there!  Moored at Queen’s Wharf is a piece of maritime history.  Built in 1914, two years after the Titanic,  it’s MVDoulos officially the world’s oldest ocean-going passenger ship.  Nicknamed “the floating United Nations”, Doulos is home to 350 crew and volunteers from fifty different countries.

    The ship is owned by a charitable Christian company called “Good Books For All” (which is what the letters GBA on the ship’s funnel stands for).  At every port the Dolous visits they hold a book fair where they try to sell books and CDs for the cheapest price possible. The current sale has over 6,000 titles. Crew members from the different countries also offer amazing tours of the ship. 

    Doulos will be in port until July 23 as part of a farewell tour.  Sadly, new maritime regulations mean that, after almost 100 years, the Doulos has to be taken out of action in 2010 🙁   So don’t miss out on the tours and various programmes offered by the ‘Doulosians’ these holidays.

  • Happenings, Sam

    Horizon 08: RiZing of Kiwi Cultures

    13.06.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Horizon 08: RiZing of Kiwi Cultures

    “Satisfy Your Cravings”  – a team of students from Rongotai College, St Mary’s College, Wellington Girls’ College, and Te Kura Kaupapa o Nga Mokopuna – presents a day of free entertainment for  youth, by  youth (‘for rangitahi, by rangitahi).  There’s a great line-up including comedy duo The Laughing Samoans,  the  Musical Island Boys, and DJs from the Whiteria DJ School.

    Head down to Te Papa this Sunday.  Events will be held throughout the museum.   For more info, check out Te Papa’s web page or become Horizon 08’s Bebo buddy .

  • Internet, Sam

    The ‘Everywhere Girl’

    09.05.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on The ‘Everywhere Girl’

    I must admit that I have a bit of a thing against stock photography, particularly in shopping centres: perfect-looking models with perfect white-toothed smiles, holding iPods, showing off shoes, posing in jeans, eating exotic looking foods, flirting with other exceptionally good-looking people; these images just don’t seem representative of the people who are doing the actual consuming! It feels fake. But love it or loathe it, stock photography plays an important role in everyday image exchange. Stock photography is found pretty much everywhere in the media: on book covers, advertising posters, websites and magazines…

    Now just imagine if a photo shoot turned you into one of the most used stock-photo faces in the world. This happened to Jennifer Anderson. She’s no celebrity musician or movie star, but her stock-shot face features in numerous advertisments, on countless book covers and various websites. Anderson has gained a cult internet following and has her own blog and online store at www.theeverywheregirl.com .

    What are some of the stock photos or images that seem to be everywhere? Let’s “take stock” of them (groan, bad pun alert!). Comment back with the web addresses, advertisments, or book covers that feature the image, or a variation thereof. You’ll need to have seen the image in two or more places for it to qualify.

  • Environment, Happenings, Sam, Science!

    Have yourself a whale of a time, all expenses paid…

    02.05.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Have yourself a whale of a time, all expenses paid…

    Get yourself down to Te Papa and tohora for free!  No, tohora is not really a verb but the Maori word for whale.  Wellington City Council is paying for residents of Wellington to see  ‘Whale: Tohora’, an exciting cetacean exhibition at Te Papa.  This one day offer is only available May 8, 10.00am – 9.00pm.  You will need to prove that you live in Wellington, so dive into your wallets and make sure you have your library card handy (Of course you do! You use it all the time to access our amazing services) before heading out.

  • Happenings, Sam

    Times are a changin’

    04.04.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Times are a changin’

    Don’t forget to turn your clocks back by an hour this Sunday, and treat yourself to an extra hour’s lie-in!  

  • Happenings, Sam

    “All the world is a stage…*”

    27.03.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on “All the world is a stage…*”

    Want to be a film star?  Maybe act, dance or sing professionally?  The National Youth Drama School (NYDS) 2008 offers you the opportunity to acquire or hone your skills over an 8-day residential drama school at Havelock North High, Hawkes Bay.  From Aril 19 through to April 27, the NYDS will hold intensive workshops covering all aspects of performing arts.  Check out www.nyds.co.nz for further details.

    (* inspired by Shakespeare ‘s  As You Like It)

  • Happenings, Sam

    I’d like to teach the world to sing…

    15.03.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on I’d like to teach the world to sing…

    I’d like to teach the world to sing
    In perfect harmony
    I’d like to hold it in my arms
    And keep it company
    I’d like to see the world for once
    All standing hand in hand
    And hear them echo through the hills
    For peace throughout the land
    That’s the song I hear
    Let the world sing today
    A song of peace that echoes on
    And never goes away

    –  (Roger Cook, Roger Greenway, Bill Backer & Billy Davis)

    On March 21, 1960, between 5000 and 7000 demonstrators gathered outside the Sharpeville police station (in South Africa) to protest apartheid “pass laws”. These laws required black South Africans to carry passes, restricting their movement and increasing segregation.

    Read more…

  • Competition, Happenings, Sam

    Another Absolutely Awesome Event

    14.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Another Absolutely Awesome Event

    Saturday February 16 is going to be a double-whammy day with two amazing, free events.  After checking out the Absolutely Positively Pasefika Festival, why not rock on down to Waitangi Park?  There the best local and international skating talent will compete for US $10,000 in the World Cup sanctioned Bowl-A-Rama.    This is your opportunity to see star skaters including Rune Gilfberg, Omar Hassen and Lance Mountain.   Check out Scoop for further details. 

  • Comics, Sam

    Comics – Kiwi style!

    01.02.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Comics – Kiwi style!

    Kiwi comics is your portal to the New Zealand comic scene.   This wiki-style site allows you to keep in contact with creators and comic dealers around the country, find out about comic cons and other events, plus much, much more! 

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