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    This New Music We Have

    20.03.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on This New Music We Have

    Three new CDs this week. If you want them, now you can issue them. Yay!

    First is Old Skool Summer Jams, a 2 disc compilation of classic hip-hop and R&B tracks with a summery feel from 1988-2002. Included are The Fresh Prince, Naughty By Nature, TLC, Coolio and a bunch of other stuff to help squeeze the remaining fun out of the pretty much over summer.

    Sound Of The Overground is another compilation, this time from 2004-2008. It’s a mix designed for dancing to and includes tracks by Ladyhawke (whom I adore), Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and many more.

    We also have Lily Allen’s new album It’s Not Me, It’s You. Expect more of her tongue in cheek pop cheekiness and hit after hit. I just listened to it and it’s ace. We also have her previous one here if you haven’t already listened.


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    Music. New Music.

    10.03.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Music. New Music.

    Miley Cyrus, the wildly popular daughter of Billy-Ray Cyrus (remember him? possibly not, but he was responsible for the world going line-dance crazy for a brief period in the 90’s) and star of Hannah Montana has gone platinum. So here is Breakout: Platinum Edition.

    Tha 411 3 bills itself as “18 monster new tracks from the global urban directory”. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then good, because we have a cup of tea for you. Includes Nelly, Usher, Alicia Keys, Bow Wow and other similar Top 40 bothering songsters.

    And finally, local hip-hoppers The Fast Crew return with Truth, Lies and Red Tape. You might remember them from 2004, when they released Set The Record Straight


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    Rainbow Playlist

    28.02.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Rainbow Playlist

    One of the only good things about rainy days (like this one) is the possibility of seeing a rainbow. Today I’ve put together the perfect soundtrack for rainbow watching because I can’t go outside.  Each colour is represented by a song (apart from pesky old indigo which has a band name instead). Enjoy!


  • Jack, Music, New, Playlists

    New CDs and a list you can play

    21.02.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on New CDs and a list you can play

    We have new music. Yay!

    allmusic.com describes Basshunter as a Swedish computer nerd and his first album called LOL <(^^,)> would seem to indicate that this is accurate. He’s back with Now You’re Gone: The Album for another round of homemade Euro-Dance silliness.

    British pop trio Sugababes have just released a sixth album which must make them one of the most enduring girl groups ever. It’s called Catfights and Spotlights and easily ranks among their best.

    Friendly Fires scored a big hit in the blogosphere last year when their song Paris was remixed by Aeroplane. Now comes their debut album Friendly Fires with more of the same fun dance-rock that shot them to prominence.

    If you’ve turned on a TV at all in the last few weeks you’ll have realised that Fall Out Boy are touring. They’ll be here to support their latest, entitiled Folie a Deux. Fans will love it.

    And lastly, if you need to chill out during these troublesome back to school days, pick up Chillout Sessions XI. Stress relief is practically guaranteed.



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    More New Music Y’all

    12.02.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on More New Music Y’all

    A whopping eight new CDs this week. Here they are …

    Fleet Foxes are here with their self-titled debut album, Fleet Foxes. Pitchfork loved it so much it was their album of 2008. Delightful indie-pop for fans of The Shins and their ilk.

    Lady Gaga is making a splash with The Fame. She says she is influenced by Madonna and Michael Jackson, it shows because she makes dance-pop in a similar vein.

    One of my favorites, Ladyhawke, has made it into the YA collection with her debut Ladyhawke. She’s from New Zealand and has generated quite a lot of buzz overseas with her Blondie-esque pop. Highly recommended.

    We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things by Jason Mraz is also in. Mraz is one of those singer-songwriter types with an acoustic guitar, this, his third album is considered my many his best work to date.

    Jennifer Hudson was a contestant on the third season of American Idol and also had a role in the 2006 film Dreamgirls. Quite the star. Another self-titled debut called (duh) Jennifer Hudson.

    Bic Runga has released a rarities collection called Try To Remember Everything: Rare And Unreleased.  Fans of this local lass will surely be pleased with this compilation of her harder to find work.

    Art-Rockers Franz Ferdinand are back with Tonight… Franz Ferdinand. Another effortlessly cool collection of songs from the Glaswegian quartet.

    Duffy’s Rockferry has gotten a deluxe re-release. It now comes with seven extra bonus tracks housed on a second CD. <3 bonuses <3


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    Yet More New CDs

    04.02.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Yet More New CDs

    Another week, another pile of new music to issue. Here we go …

    The Black Kids debut album Partie Traumatic is a CD to party (partie) to. Hopefully not traumatically. I’ve seen pictures and only two of them are black, how wackily misleading.

    Craig David has a greatest hits album out, called Greatest Hits. Included are all the hits that he deems his greatest.

    Remember Cher’s song Life After Love, where she had that crazy autotune effect on her voice in the chorus? T-Pain has done it for two whole albums now and the latest is called Thr33 Ringz. I expect this will be wildy popular, so listen to it here first.

    Britney Spears has somehow found the time to make a new album called Circus and it seems like her return to form may be continuing. Includes all manner of dancey pop.

    Kanye West tries the autotuned singing thing on his new one entitled 808s & Heartbreak. People seem to either love this or hate it with no middle ground. Personally I’m in the former camp, try it out and see where you stand.

    Akon is back with Freedom. What’s up with all the funny voiced R&B this week? If you’re an Akon fan you’ll enjoy this a lot.

    Panic At The Disco have a live album out called Live In Chicago. If you’ve enjoyed their studio albums, but have never managed to get to a concert you could close your eyes and pretend. All the hits are included.


    Remember you can visit the Teen Blog imeem page to listen to all previous playlists. You could also sign up for your own profile and add us as a friend.

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    … And One More

    27.01.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on … And One More

    Another CD just came down from Cataloguing, conveniently too late for the last new music post. So here he is, all by himself, Robin Thicke with Something Else. Did you know that his father Alan Thicke was on the sitcom Growing Pains? Let’s hope this album doesn’t cause any listening pains. Aren’t I funny? In other Thicke trivia, did you also know he won a Grammy for his work on Usher’s Confessions?


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    Six new CDs

    26.01.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Six new CDs

    The YA music collection has some new CDs. Six of them in fact. Here they are …

    First is Beyonce’s new album I Am… Sasha Fierce, which sees her alter ego Sasha Fierce get one of the two discs all to herself. It reminds me of the time Outkast split Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in half, only a bit weirder.

    The Flying Club Cup by Beirut is next for a bit of meaningful-core indie folk. These guys were critical darlings in 2007 and for good reason, a wee gem says I.

    Hilary Duff is back with The Best Of Hilary Duff. Now you can listen to all her best songs all at once, without changing discs. This copy even comes with some exclusive bonus tracks for the Australian/NZ release.

    Have you guys heard of High School Musical? Apparently it’s quite a big deal. Anyway, we have High School Musical 3 – Senior Year  and judging by the way they’re jumping about on the cover in graduation robes it looks as though it might be the last one. hop aboard now I guess.

    On Day & Age The Killers ask the question; are we human or are we dancers? I think I’m a dancer. This the the fourth release from the Las Vegas foursome and it finds them shooting for even more chart success.

    We Started Nothing by The Ting Tings is the last on the pile. They were at the Big Day Out the other week, did anyone see them? They make indie-pop to dance to.


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    Holiday Time!

    06.01.09 | Permalink | Comments Off on Holiday Time!

    Here are some songs with the word Holiday in the title – if for no other reason than it’s summer and therefore time to go on holiday. Where are you all going this year? I’m going to Huntly. Choice!

    If you’re not going away this summer then why not come into the Library, issue some CDs, then play them to your family in a small hot room for a few hours – that way it’ll feel like you’ve been on a roadtrip. Anyway, you can find Green Day, Madonna and Atomic Kitten in our collection.

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    Here is some new music.

    18.12.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on Here is some new music.

    Some new CDs have appeared on our ‘new music that needs to be blogged about shelf’, so I will blog about them for your enjoyment.

    First up is Ne-Yo with Year of the Gentleman. He is wearing some very sharp suits on the cover and the tunes inside are the sort of cutting edge R&B you would expect from him. Great job Ne-Yo.

    Next on the pile is another sharp-suited R&B man; Lloyd with Lessons in Love and he wears an impressive studded jacket on his cover. Lil’ Wayne drops by for a guest appearance too.

    Estelle’s The 18th Day brings us more R&B, but this time from a female perspective. This one actually came out in 2004, but it’s new to the library and quite good.

    Christina Aguilera has a greatest hits out called Keeps Gettin’ Better, A Decade Of Hits. I would like to respectfully disagree with her on the title, in my opinion at least ‘Genie in a Bottle’ cannot be bettered. All the faves are included here.

    Local lads The Tutts’ new one Get in the Club is here for some Rock if all the R&B listed above isn’t your thing. They were the ones who did that song on the C4 ads.

    Oh look! What’s this? It’s a playlist made so you can listen to songs off the albums I just wrote about. How handy. Check out our imeem page for all our playlists.

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