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New Magazines

  • Edna Welthorpe, New Magazines

    New Magazines 12/01/11

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    Hey guys! Here are the newest magazines. At last – we were all on holiday pretty much, so they (the magazines) didn’t get put out as soon as possible.

    Entertainment Weekly #1131, #1132, and #1133 – Some guy called Taylor Swift is entertainer of the year? He was great as a Deatheater in that Twilight movie. (Just kidding. Ha ha.)
    Creme February 2011 – Full of this year’s star guides, if you belieeeeve. Apparently I need my freedom, so don’t try to pin me down! Lucky colour: lime green (?!)
    Girlfriend January 2011 
    Seventeen February 2011 – I had to check the year on the cover, as inside the magazine says denim shorts are still in fashion. Was it an issue from 2008? But no, 2011.
    Official Australian and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #61 & #62 – Would it be boastful of me to say that Santa brought me an Xbox360? Probably!
    Simpons Treehouse of Horror #16, Simpsons Comics #168, and Bart Simpson : Prank Pitchman #40

  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Mags 13/12/10

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    Here are a lot of new magazines! I won’t bother writing about the contents of each, as usual, since (let’s face it!) you know what you’re getting with most of them.

    Teen Vogue December 2010/January 2011
    Girlfriend December 2010
    Creme January 2011
    Dolly December 2010
    New Zealander Skateboarder Annual 2010
    Transworld Skateboarding December 2010
    Australian Mad Magazine #461
    Playstation Magazine December 2010
    Entertainment Weekly #1129 & #1130

  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Magazines 26/11/10

    26.11.10 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Magazines 26/11/10

    White Dwarf Nov 2010 – Dark Eldar! Witchfate Tor! Dreadstone Blight! Rarr!
    Entertainment Weekly #1127 & # 1128 – See Captain America! Experience Harry Potter! Read about the new Muppets movie!
    Official Australia and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #61 – Fable III! Other games!
    Simpsons Comics #167 – Snake moves in with the Simpsons! And Comic Book Guy dies! (Maybe)
    Transworld Skateboarding Nov 2010 – More than just tic-taccing nowadays

  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Mags 5/11/10

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    Happy (merry?) Guy Fawkes night! Here are a load of new magazines to flick through.

    Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror #12, Bart Simpson : Behind the Scenes #39, and Simpsons Comics #166, Bart Simpson : Scourge of Homer #22 – All the Simpsons you can read, that’s for sure
    Creme December 2010 – Taylor Swift | Trend to try: layering | Should you shimmer? | Plan your future | Horoscopes (Aries: “When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?”)
    Teen Vogue November 2010 – Perfect skin | Sexy hair | Cute looks | Horoscopes (Scorpio: “You’ll finally be able to buy the cute wool cape you’ve been eying”)
    Girlfriend November 2010 – ‘Wanna Be a Billionaire?’ (yes thanks) | Are you a chronic overthinker? | Horoscopes (Leo: “A quiet space at home, or alone at the library, is your best setting for learning now”)
    Australian Mad Magazine #460

  • New Magazines, Prudence

    New Magazines 27/10/10

    27.10.10 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Magazines 27/10/10

    Entertainment Weekly #1123 – Justin Timberlake on why he’s choosing acting over music. Why, Justin? Why?
    Playstation October 2010 – So many games, so little time.
    Simpsons Classics #23 – “lol”
    Official Australia and New Zealand XBox 360 Magazine #60 – A new, more inclusive title for this, the “5th Birthday Collectors’ Edition”
    Seventeen November 2010 – ‘Get Pretty Faster (So You Can Sleep Later)’ | AMAZING HAIR | Animal prints 🙁
    White Dwarf October 2010 – The Island of Blood Mega Battle

  • Fantasy, Horror, New, New Magazines, Sci Fi, Simon

    New Books! And Magazines!

    14.10.10 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Books! And Magazines!

    Hi! Here are some new books.

    Bait, by Alex Sanchez (239 pages) – Sixteen-year-old Diego is in trouble with the law, and has a deeply troubled past. His probabation officer, Mr. Vidas, is able to bust through Diego’s shell and help him out and ‘navigate his rocky passage to maturity.’

    First line: ‘“This is Mr. Vodas,” explained Diego’s court-appointed attorney as they headed into juvenile court.

    Wolf Squadron : Special Operations, by Craig Simpson (318 pages) – Secret agents Finn, Loki, and Freya must head into enemy territory to rescue downed aircrew, Wolf Squadron, and a British double agent. Finn & Co. have escaped from Nazi-occupied Norway and now work for Special Operations, a secret agency led by old Winston Churchill himself.

    First line: ‘“Stop it! Leave hinm be, you two. Can’t you see you’re frightening him?” Freya reached out and grasped my arm.

    Wayfarer, by R. J. Anderson (296 pages) – Linden is a teenaged faerie whose people – the Faeries of the Oak – are endangered. She has the last of her people’s magic, and with human Timothy, must save the humans and the faeries from a potent and ancient eeeeevil.

    First lines: ‘The Queen is dying. The knowledge sat in Linden’s belly like a cold stone as she hunched over the tub of greasy water, scrubbing her thirty-ninth plate.

    Other, by Karen Kincy (326 pages) – Gwen is an ‘Other’, in that she belongs to the barely-tolerated group of vampires, centaurs, and other mythical creatures. In her small town, however, Others are not tolerated at all, and when they start turning up dead she – and a sexy guy/Japanese fox spirit – must find the killer.

    First lines: ‘I can’t last much longer. It’s been on week, three days, and I forget how many hours.

    Leftovers, by Heather Waldorf (198 pages) – When Sarah’s abusive father choked to death on a piece of steak, it was the best day of her life. Shortly afterwards, after a brush with the law, she ends up doing community service at a camp for shelter dogs. There she meets Judy (a dog) and Sullivan (a human).

    First lines: ‘Ah, summer. Lazy mornings in bed, flipping through back issues of People and munching on chocolate chip waffles.

    Marrying Ameera, by Rosanne Hawke (292 pages) – Seventeen-year-old Ameera Hassan is falling for her best friend’s brother, Tariq. Her traditionalist father learns of this and send her to Pakistan, to get married to some guy she’s not met. Desperate to leave, she makes a bid for freedom.

    First line: ‘“Ameera!” I head my name and then the single toot; Riaz was in his car already.

    Graffiti Moon, by Cath Crowley (264 pages) – Lucy is desperate to find the graffiti artist, Shadow, whose secretive nature means no one know who he is (a la Banksy). Some guy named Ed, who Lucy doesn’t want to see, says that he knows where to find him, and he takes her on ‘an all-night search to places where Shadow’s thoughts about heartbreak and escape echo around the city walls.

    First lines: ‘I pedal fast. Down Rose Drive where houses swim in pools of orange streetlight.

    Split, by Stefan Petrucha (257 pages) – After his mother’s death, Wade can not decide whether to become a musician or a scholar. So he splits his mind into two and becomes both. But soon these two worlds begin to collide, and Wade will need to ‘save himself’.

    First line: ‘I’m staring at Mom’s face, a face I’ve seen at least as often as the sun or the moon, only something’s gone from it now.

    Witch Breed, by Alan Gibbons (311 pages) – Book four in the aptly titled Hell’s Underground series, about the demonic entity under London. In this volume, Paul travels to the 1700s when it was an especially rough time for women accused of witchcraft.

    First lines: ‘‘Tell me you will never forget me.’ The quill pen falters on the page.

    Moment of Truth : The Laws of Magic Book 5, by Michael Pryor (442 pages) – I will quote a comment from Gill when we wrote about the fourth book in this series: ‘Laws of Magic is a wild steampunk fantasy adventure with nice touches of humour and even romance. It’s a world like ours just before WW1 but with magic. Lots of spying and plots and assassinations and misunderstandings. The main characters, Aubrey Fitzwilliam, is the son of the prime minister and he’s also sort of dead thanks to a magical experiment gone wrong. He’s involved with his friends in adventures. Great books!’

    First lines: ‘Aubrey Fitzwilliam was on a mission. Determined, unwavering, purposeful, he would not be diverted from his goal, especially since spring was in the air.

    Operation Ocean Emerald : A Luke Baron Adventure, by Ilkka Remes (307 pages) – Fourteen-year-old Luke Baron sneaks aboard the luxurious cruise ship, The Ocean Emerald, and encounters a criminal gang who have captured the ship. Only he can escape and save everyone.  The cover (ominously!) features an exploding cruise liner!

    First line: ‘Luke was looking at the computer games and didn’t notice a thing when Toni slipped the DVD into his shoulder bag.

    And this week’s magazines:

    Transworld Skateboarding October 2010 – Skateboarding | skateboarding | skateboarding! | skateboarding? | shoes
    Dolly October 2010 – What to do when your friends ditch you | Bonus! Quiz book inside | Denim again, but with polka dots?!
    Entertainment Weekly #1122 – Modern Family | Reviews, and more

  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Mags 8/10/10

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    It is almost the 10th day of the 10th month, 2010! Or 10/10/10! But that’s a Sunday, and the new magazines must go out today.

    Teen Vogue October 2010 – Bieber Fever! | Bieber is on the cover! | Not this Justin Bieber! | Also, celebs are wearing ‘slimmed-down cargo jeans’
    Creme November 2010 – Paramore (“your fave band”) is on the cover! | Behind the scenes with Justin Bieber! | ‘Hugs for ChCh’ | Paramore word search
    Girlfriend October 2010 – Cody Simpson (the Australian Bieber!) | BFF vs. BF | Paramore | Boy Body Hang-ups | Pick ‘n’ Mix Spring Trends (denim! noooo)

  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Magazines 27/09/10

    27.09.10 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Magazines 27/09/10

    There are heaps of new magazines! That is because it’s been two weeks since the last New Mag post, mainly.

    Simpsons Comics #165 – Haw haw
    Entertainment Weekly #1119 – Sandra Bullock! | Ben Affleck! | A little bit about series two of The Vampire Diaries!
    Seventeen November 2010 – “Look Pretty Now!” | “Have fun with your makeup!” | “Make peace with your texture” | and so on
    Dolly September 2010 – “My sister thinks she’s Bella Swan” | Wear lilac (the colour) | “42 beauty tricks to get noticed!”
    White Dwarf September 2010 – The Island of Blood! | Verminkin’s Horde!
    Playstation September 2010 – Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood! | Dragon Age II!
    Tearaway September 2010 – Tearaway‘s been gone for a couple of months, but now it’s back!

  • New Magazines, Simon

    New Magazines 11/09/10

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    Boards with wheels! Boards with fins! Electric-pink! Hot monsters! This week’s new magazines has it all.

    Creme Oct 2010 – Zac’s ‘eeek’ moment | Some actors talk about their new movies | celebrity wordfind! | Katy Perry “style”
    Transworld Skateboarding Sep 2010 – Backside smith grind! | Fakie tailslide! | Inside the pot kickflip frontside crooked grind 180 outs | Switch crooked grind fakie bigspin flip out!
    Entertainment Weekly #1118 – The sexiest ’64 Aliens, Vampires, Werewolves, Mutants & more’ | Fall (that’s our Spring!) Music Preview
    Kiwi Surf Oct/Nov 2010 – This season’s boards shorts | ‘The Joys of Winter’ | NZ has some really nice beaches, actually

  • Books, Comedy, Environment, Fantasy, Horror, New, New Magazines, Sci Fi, Simon

    Lots of New Books

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    Yes. There are lots of new books! Read them all, that’s my challenge.

    Legacies : A Shadow Grail Novel, by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill (320 pages) – This is the first book in the Shadow Grail series, about a teen girl named Spirit White, whose family die and she’s shipped off to Oakhurst Academy. Everyone there is some sort of magic user! Students start disappearing, and a mystery has got to be solved.

    First lines: ‘Someone was moaning. Spirit wished whoever it was would be quiet.

    Dark Life, by Kat Falls (297 pages) – The oceans have risen, and people either live on the tiny pieces of land or deep under the ocean. The ocean is a rough, dangerous place to live! Ty and Gemma find themselves venturing into this underwater frontier (for noble reasons!) and discover some dark secrets.

    First lines: ‘I peered into the deep-sea canyon, hoping to spot qa toppled skyscraper. Maybe even the Statue of Liberty.

    Juggling Fire, Joanne Bell (171 pages) – Rachel grew up in the mountains in Yukon, but she has to move to the city. Then her father disappears, and Rachel – wanting to know why – hikes back through the mountains, where she must confront danger (bears!) and the past.

    First line: ‘Mom doesn’t cry when I heave the packs from the pickup; she only blinks hard, squeezes my shoulders and whirls around, like she has to get away from me fast.

    Crawlers, by Same Enthoven (261 pages) – Nine kids go to the theatre to see a play and in one evening of sheer horror they encounter some sinister and disgusting mind-controlling hairless, blubbery spidery-octopus things. I will never eat takoyaki again!

    First line: ‘In the dark pit that had been my prison for almost three hundred and fifty years, Steadman’s latest victim was regaining consciousness.

    Indigo Blues, by Danielle Joseph (231 pages) – Adam is an indie music sensation, and Indigo is the girl who dumped him. He subsequently wrote a song about her, and now she is almost as famous as he is. She’s not too pleased! And he’s still calling her, and she’s like, no way.

    First line: ‘When I found out that “Indigo Blues” hit number one on the Billboard charts this morning, I ran to the bathroom and threw up.

    The Alchemist and the Angel, by Joanne Owen (224 pages) – It is the 16th century, and Jan, an alchemist’s apprentice, is searching for the elixir of life. He travels to Prague, a city rich with alchemy and corruption, and while there he meets a mysterious girl (the ‘Angel of the Ghetto’). This book is beautifully illustrated!

    First line: ‘Emperor Rudolf II – Ruler of the World, Aficionado of Alchemy, Collector of Curiosities – shifted in his throne.’

    My Rocky Romance Diary by Kelly Ann, (really) by Liz Rettig (313 pages) – The saga of Kelly Ann’s romantic life continues in this, the fourth of her diaries.

    First line: ‘First day of term and Mum woke me up at eight but I’d two free periods first thing so I mumbled ‘Leavemealoneandgoaway’.

    Reality Check, by Jen Calonita (277 pages) – Catalogue says, ‘When a television executive signs Long Island sixteen-year-old Charlie and her three best friends to be the stars of a new reality television show, their lives are suddenly not the same.’

    First line: ‘It’s only 3:47 PM. How can that be? It feels like I’ve been here for hours, not just forty-seven minutes.’

    The Fire Opal, by Regina McBride (293 pages) – ‘While invading English soldiers do battle in sixteenth-century Ireland, Maeve grows up with a mystical connection to a queen who, centuries before, faced enemies of her own.’ Thanks, Catalogue!

    First line: ‘When I was seven years old, my mother and I spent a July afternoon on the foreshore collecting kelp, which we planned to dry and burn for summer fires.

    Notes From The Dog, by Gary Paulsen (133 pages) – Okay, this is from the Catalogue again: ‘When Johanna shows up at the beginning of summer to house-sit next door to Finn, he has no idea of the profound effect she will have on his life by the time summer vacation is over.’

    First line: ‘Sometimes having company is not all it’s cracked up to be.’

    So Punk Rock (And Other Ways to Disappoint Your Mother), by Micol Ostow (Art by David Ostow) (246 pages) – Ari Abramson’s band, made up of four teens from a wealthy Jewish school, suddenly become popular overnight. They now must navigate the ‘minefield of inflated egos, misplaced romance, and the shallowness of indie-rock elitism.’ Comedy!

    First line: ‘There are many things that Jonas Fein does well.

    Freak Magnet, by Andrew Auseon (297 pages) – Gloria is a ‘freak magnet’, and in fact keeps a record of all the weirdos who talk to her. Charlie is a freak, so it’s only a matter of time before he ends up in her Freak Folio. However! They’re both burdened by grief and loss*, and so form a connection.

    * 🙁

    First line: ‘When the world’s most beautiful woman walks into the room, it’s hard to keep from throwing up.

    Runaway Storm, by D. E. Knobbe (223 pages) – This is the first in a series (there’s an excerpt of the next book included). Nate has stolen a kayak and has run (paddled?) away from home to some remote Canadian island. He encounters smugglers, real runaways, and a massive, deadly storm.

    First lines: ‘Nate slouched out of the elevator and crossed the lobby of the apartment building. The apartment, this building, New York – they had never felt like home.

    Beyond Evie, by Rebecca Burton (200 pages) – Charlotte’s life is pretty swell, apart from having lost her father and later falling in love (obsessively!) with Evie, who breaks her heart. ‘Perceptive,’ ‘powerful,’ and ‘psychologically intense’ (yet ‘optimistic’ also!).

    First lines: ‘You, Evie, told me I was beautiful. I thought you meant you liked me, but I was wrong.

    Two Good Thieves, by Daniel Finn (386 pages) – In the Third World slums in a city somewhere in South America, Demi and Baz fight for a better life in a ‘city of thieves’ in this fast-pace, gritty thriller. (It’s also published as She Thief, which we have as a new book this week.)

    First lines: ‘The city’s burning. The city is always burning.

    Tripwire, by Steve Cole and Chris Hunter (238 pages) – Fifteen-year-old Felix Smith is a soldier, a spy, and a covert bomb disposal expert. He works for ATLAS, who use teenagers for military operations (the enemy don’t expect teenagers!).

    First line: ‘Got you. The sight of the bomb hit Felix like a punch in the guts.

    Seth Baumgartner’s Love Manifesto, by Eric Luper (293 pages) – Seth’s girlfriend dumps him and his father is spotted out on a date with a woman who is not Seth’s mother. So Seth begins an anonymous podcast about the mysteries of love. Soon his life is picking up – he holds a job, makes new friends, and tracks down his father’s mystery date.

    First lines: ‘“Come on Seth. Say something.” Veronica stares at me like I’m the one who should be doing the explaining – like I’m the one who just turned everything upside down.

    Rush, by Jonathan Friesen (295 pages) – Jake loves taking risks, just to feel the rush. He’s offered a job with a group of firefighters who rappel into wildfires. Very risky! His friend and secret crush, Salome, gets caught up in taking risks also, and the consequences are devastating.

    First lines: ‘“Pure insanity.” I whisper at the sky as sheets of rain sting my face.

    Sea : A Novel, by Heidi R. Kling (327 pages) – A romance set in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that struck Indonesia. Sienna Jones travels with her father to Asia to help with an internation relief team, and she meets the ‘most handsome boy she’s ever seen,’ Deni. He though his father died in the disaster but he learns that mightn’t be the case; together, they make the heartbreaking journey to the epicentre of the tsunami’s destruction.

    First line: ‘I’m sitting alone on the other side of the world talking to a sea turtle that might be my mom.

    The Six Rules of Maybe, by Deb Caletti (321 pages) – Scarlet spends all her time worrying about others, and trying to help them and fix their lives. Often when it means ignoring her own needs! But then she falls in love with her newly pregnant sister’s husband, and finds herself at the centre of a drama (and then some!) for the first time.

    First line: ‘You could tell something was different about Juliet the moment she stepped out of the truck.

    Smiling Jack, by Ken Catran (271 pages) – Robert’s well-respected father and uncle are killed in a road accident. He finds a defaced playing-card Jack at the accident site. Soon more people are dying, and the same card is found near each death. A murder mystery with a startling and unexpected twist!

    First line: ‘Smiling Jack came into my life about ten-thirty, one November night.

    Lies : A Gone Novel, by Michael Grant (447 pages) – This is the follow up to Gone and Hunger, about a world where all adults disappear and the remaining kids get all Lord of the Flies/Mad Max on one another. They also have powers! There are mutants, and dark supernatural forces.

    First line: ‘Obscene graffiti. Smashed windows. Human Crew tags, their logo, along with warnings to freaks to get out.

    Daniel X : Demons and Druids, by James Patterson and Adam Sadler (243 pages) – Alien hunter Daniel X travels to England with his friends to find Beta, an outlaw that takes the form of fire and who killed Daniels parents when he was a wee toddler. Daniel can create anything, has superspeed, can shapechange, and has superstrength! He travels through time as well, and meet Merlin.

    First lines: ‘I bet I can see London from here, I was thinking. I was literally 150 feet in the air above a grassy field, outside a charming little village called Whaddon.

    Classy : Be a Lady, Not a Tramp, by Derek Blasburg (230 pages) – This is a manual for older teen girls who want to be a classy; how to dress, etiquette to adopt, even what to read and watch. A modern Miss Manners!

    Here are the latest magazines:

    Entertainment Weekly #1115 – Always good for a twenty-minute read, for it is Quite Interesting.
    XBox 360 : Official Australian Magazine #58 – Mafia II | Mortal Kombat | Loads of other games | Wouldn’t it be cool if we had games?
    Seventeen September 2010 – Beauty Master Class | Secrets to the Best Date Ever! | 823 (!) Fashion and Beauty Ideas
    Girlfriend September 2010 – perfumes | prints | Perry | Patterson | pin-ups

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