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Isn’t that cool?

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    Like this? Like that!

    09.02.12 | Permalink | Comments Off on Like this? Like that!

    If you’re looking for readalike suggestions (or a way to waste much time), then try this. It’s a very cool home-made (by someone very clever) visual book-recommender thingy, based on Amazon’s large database of items. It uses the information Amazon gathers about customer purchases to create links (myriads of links!) between your favourite titles, and other similar ones.

    For example, here’s The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan using the gizmo. If you are using a mouse with a scroll button, scrolling will zoom in and out, revealing a really large web of possibilities. Another example: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green.

    Very cool.

    (found via mediabistro.com)

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    YA Authors Rock Out

    16.01.12 | Permalink | Comments Off on YA Authors Rock Out

    Hey, did you guys know that Young Adult authors Libba Bray, Natalie Standiford, Dan Ehrenhaft and Barnabas Miller are all in a band called Tiger Beat together? I didn’t! Not until this morning when I saw this video of them performing “YA Song” in the New York Public Library.

    You can play “spot the literary references” with the lyrics as well. They throw in some Hunger Games and some Catcher In The Rye, what else can you pick out?

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    A look back at the year through Facebook tinted glasses…

    09.12.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on A look back at the year through Facebook tinted glasses…

    … or something. The Facebook Data Team recently compiled a bunch of data from Facebook (what else would they do?) that eventually spat out Memology 2011. Points of interest include the top ten ranking topics of the year, the top ten status trends of the year and the fact that somehow Rebecca Black managed to stay off all of the lists. Pop over and have a look to see if anything you “like” or talked about charted this year. While you’re on Facebook, make sure you “like” us on our official Teen Blog page and maybe we’ll be a noteworthy meme in 2012.

  • Isn't that cool?, Jack

    Angry Birds Invade Teen Blog!

    08.11.11 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    Are you studying for your exams? Is it frustrating? Well then, why not destroy a website or two? Thanks to Nokia Argentina you can use everyone’s favourite Angry Birds to wreak havoc on web pages (and a few pigs) from right inside your browser. Just drag this bookmarklet onto your bookmarks toolbar, then click it on any webpage to begin. Here’s a demo…

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    SesaGlee Street

    22.09.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on SesaGlee Street

    Hey Gleeks, this is really funny. It’s a Sesame Street parody of Glee, it makes learning about the letter “G” fun #infotainment.

    You can enjoy the real version of Glee right here on DVD and CD and Sesame Street on DVD too.

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    Snow Day Time Filler

    16.08.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Snow Day Time Filler

    It’s snowing at the moment. This means we all need something interesting to watch while we are stuck inside drinking cocoa. Like this video about how language shapes our perception of colour from the BBC.

    Regular service will resume when regular weather resumes. Good luck out there, Teen Blog-kateers!

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    Synthesiser Patel’s Synthesiser Of The Week

    09.06.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Synthesiser Patel’s Synthesiser Of The Week

    This week I was going to write a post about the regular theremin, but after finding the video below, that post can wait.

    This man, Ken Moore, has made a homemade theremin out of a wiimote, LED gloves and a Roland synthesiser. It’s that kind of forward thinking that earns you the title of “Synthesiser of the week”. He has a blog here with more theremin related goodness.

    If you’ve now been inspired and you’d now like to build your own theremin, you can! This mini theremin from Make magazine is very reasonably priced and cute.

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    Get fit in the city

    21.03.11 | Permalink | Comments Off on Get fit in the city


    Urban Survival Series

    Tuesday 22nd March Central Library  4-5pm

    The flying guy in this photo is from NZ Parkour, come and discover how you can get in on the action at this taster session.

    Recreation Wellington will be there with some fitness freebies, and as a bonus, you can tell them what you think they should be doing for young people in this city.

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    New Teen Space

    14.12.10 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Teen Space

    Sophie, Kate, Izzy, Hayley and Christina from Wellington Girls College won an award in the BP Community Enterprise Project for re-designing our Teen Space in Cummings Park.

    We love what you did!

  • Adrienne, Internet, Isn't that cool?, News, Social Networking, Writing

    No longer a Figment of your imagination

    13.12.10 | Permalink | Comments Off on No longer a Figment of your imagination

    Figment is “a community where you can share your writing, connect with other readers, and discover new stories and authors. Whatever you’re into, from sonnets to mysteries, from sci-fi stories to cell phone novels”, you can find it all at Figment – it’s like a social network for those that love to write or read original stories. Check out the contests, forums or blog while you’re there, or just oggle at how cool the webpage looks.

    You never know… you could be discovered as the next Stephenie Meyer.

    (Us folk here at Teen Blog are alway happy to receive your writing anytime too!)

    Figment Pic

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