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  • Events, Urban Survival Series

    Money and stuff

    23.03.11 | Permalink | Comment?

    You know how it is, you spent all your hard earned money on a cellphone, and then after six months it stops working!  What can you do? Well the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the Community Law Centre can help. Come and discover what your rights are at our next session.

    We’ll also have the BNZ here to help show you what to do with that money from your part time job, so that you can afford those toys and gadgets!

    Thursday 24th March 4-5pm Central Library

  • Events, Isn't that cool?

    Get fit in the city

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    Urban Survival Series

    Tuesday 22nd March Central Library  4-5pm

    The flying guy in this photo is from NZ Parkour, come and discover how you can get in on the action at this taster session.

    Recreation Wellington will be there with some fitness freebies, and as a bonus, you can tell them what you think they should be doing for young people in this city.

  • Events, Pencil it in your diaries, Urban Survival Series

    Events this month: Urban Survival Series

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    Tuesday 22nd March 4-5pm at the Central Library:
    Get fit for free with Rec Welly and NZ Parkour. Find out about the free and five dollar deals in town and learn how to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    We have some fitness freebies to give away at this session – thanks Rec Welly!

    Thursday 24th March 4-5pm at the Central Library:
    Afford toys and gadgets
    : BNZ, CAB and the Community Law Centre are here to show you how you can get the stuff you want, and what to do when that cell phone you just bought breaks down.

    Monday 28th March 4-5m at the Central Library:
    Plan your OE with STA travel and Volunteer Service Abroad. All the tips and tricks for having the most amazing experience ever.

    STA will be giving away a Lonely Planet guide book to one lucky person at this session.

    Wednesday 30th March 4-5pm at the Central Library:
    Get your music and art out there: The singer from Poppy Dust and the guys from OOsh Multimedia on how collaboration, thinking outside the square,  and following your dreams can get you, your art, your music, and your life where you want them to be.

  • Adrienne, Events

    We want you!

    08.07.10 | Permalink | Comment?

    Coming soon…

    You get the chance to tell us what you want over some nibbles. Want in…?

    Email: adrienne.hannan@wcc.govt.nz

    Phone or text: 021 227 8637

      Beware of the Book

    We’re looking for people aged 13-18 years old to tell us what you want the library to do for you; we’ve got a couple of questions for you too.

    4.30pm on Thursday 29th July at the Central Library.

  • Adrienne, Events, Happenings, News, Wellington

    Free Cooking Classes

    12.04.10 | Permalink | Comment?

    Evolve and Motoko Aotearoa present FREE cooking classes for young people!

    Jacinta Saeki is an experienced chef. For 7 weeks she will be teaching young people to cook cheap, healthy and delicious food at Te Ruru Hou (Evolve). Limited to 12 participants – this is a hands-on class where young people 14-24 years make the food and then eat it – YUM!!

    Starts Monday 12 April 4.00-6.30pm

    To register please email simon@evolveyouth.org.nz or phone 801 9150

  • Almost Amazing Race, Events, Library Serf

    The Almost Amazing Race: Registrations Closed!

    09.04.10 | Permalink | Comment?

    Registrations for the Almost Amazing Race 2.0 are now sadly closed (on account of the race being less than a week away!).

    Did you register as an individual saying you’ll register your team later? If you’ve done this then what you need to do now is email us (teenblog@wcl.govt.nz) with the details of your team (names, ages, email addresses, postal addresses, and your team name). We’ll be checking up on you probably anyway.

    Want to find out more about the Almost Amazing Race and how come it’s almost amazing? Have a look at this post.

    If you’re a registered racer you’ll be receiving vital information before next Friday, but you can always email us if you’ve got a query.

    So, keep up with your training regimes (or not) and have an almost amazing time until we see you on Friday the 16th of April.

  • Almost Amazing Race, Events, Jack

    Potential Racers…

    09.04.10 | Permalink | Comment?

    … You have only a few short hours left to get a team together for the Almost Amazing Race 2.0, as registration closes at 5pm today. At the time of writing there is less than four hours remaining! So make like an upward pointing sign and sign up here. Or something.

  • Almost Amazing Race, Events, Library Serf

    Almost Amazing Race 2.0: Register Now!

    16.03.10 | Permalink | Comment?

    At the end of last week I subtly announced that registrations for this year’s Almost Amazing Race 2.0 are now open. This is the less subtle version:

    The Almost Amazing Race 2.0
    Friday 16 April 2010
    Register your team now!

    What is The Almost Amazing Race 2.0?

    Teams of max four will race (observing road rules and other laws of the land) around the city, completing challenges that will test them mentally and physically, in order to be the first team to solve the puzzle and be named the winners of The Almost Amazing Race.

    So, organise your friends and your wits, make sure you’re free on Friday 16 April, and you could be the almost amazing winners (or failing that, you could have a jolly good time).

    You can have a look at last year’s Almost Amazing Race here.

  • Events, Library Serf

    Coming Soon: TAAR 2.0

    08.03.10 | Permalink | 3 Comments


    Almost Amazing Racers: the Almost Amazing Race version 2.0 will be wending its almost amazing way to you on Friday April 16th 2010 (last day of school holidays).

    Registrations open soon. In the mean time, make a note of the date and start getting your team ready (max. 4 people).

    Should be almost amazing!

  • Events, Library Serf

    Patrick Ness at Scots

    24.02.10 | Permalink | Comment?

    If you’ve read and enjoyed the Chaos Walking books by Patrick Ness (The Knife of Never Letting Go and The Ask and the Answer) then you might be interested to know that he’s in New Zealand in March: he will be speaking at Scots College on March 11. Visit the Children’s Bookshop website to find out how to book a seat (if you can get time off school or work).

    The final book in the trilogy, Monsters of Men, is due out in May.

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