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Capt. Walker de Planck

  • Capt. Walker de Planck, Internet, Science!

    A Street with a View

    03.12.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on A Street with a View

    Google Maps now has ‘Street View‘ for New Zealand, which means that as well being able to look at your house (or anyone’s house, for that matter) from above, you can also view the building from the street, as if you’re driving past. This is exceptionally interesting and useful for

    a. People who dislike going outside
    b. People trying to find a destination
    c. Lazy flat-seekers
    d. Everyone else

    (The Street View of Karori Library is quite funny.)

  • Books, Capt. Walker de Planck, Science!

    Judge a book by its cover

    14.11.08 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    The cover of a book can tell you a lot about the book’s contents. Its designers want you to see the cover, become interested and take the book (to buy, usually, if not just to read). For example, if you’re into Gossip Girl-type books, it’s pretty easy to find know which other books are similar – the covers will be a photograph of one or more fashionable & and wealthy girls. (I’m not so sure about the Ashleys’ fashion sense, to be honest.)

    Interestingly, boys are less likely to read a book that has a girl on the cover than a girl is to read a book with a boy on the cover.  And YA fantasy books seem to really favour circles on the cover (part II).

    What is your favourite book cover? Do you think it matters if a book has a girl or boy on the cover? Do you often choose books by their covers alone?

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    New music and films

    17.10.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on New music and films

    There are a few new CDs and DVDs in this month. A multi-media feast! Here are the new CDs:

    Bleeders – Bleeders. This is the NZ hardcore/punk band’s second album from last year (their first album is called #2). It’s a nice, new, copy!
    Breakout – Miley Cyrus. The year that Miley Cyrus (her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus) was born – 1992 – was the same year that her father released ‘Achy Breaky Heart’. Last year she went out with one of the Jonas brothers, which helpfully provides a nice segue to …
    Jonas Brothers – Jonas Brothers. This is their second album, from 2007. We also have their third album …
    A Little Bit Longer – Jonas Brothers. The title track is about Type One Diabetes, which Nick Jonas has. Their are three Jonas brothers; similarly there are three brothers in …
    Only By The Night – Kings of Leon. The father of the three brothers in this band was a preacher, and the Jonas brothers’ father was a pastor – how about that?

    New DVDs!

    The Hills : Season One  & The Hills : Season Two  – The Hills is a pseudo-reality television series (it’s real, but parts are set up to provide story and some of the roles are improvised) about some people in LA doing stuff.
    St Trinian’s – This is, believe it or not, the sixth film in a series that began in 1954.  
    Sydney White – Sydney White is a thrown out of her sorority and is taken in by seven socially challenged guys. It’s a new version of the Snow White story, with the most popular girl on campus as the wicked Queen. (There’s also a prince.)
    Clueless – This is an older film (thirteen-years-old!) but this particular version – the ‘”Whatever!” Edition’ – has loads of special features.

  • Capt. Walker de Planck, Competition, Movies

    Win a poster

    03.10.08 | Permalink | 13 Comments

    We have three Twilight movie posters (they’re not too large, but look pretty sweet) to give to the first three people* who comment below with a proper haiku about the Twilight books.

    What is a haiku, you wonder? It is a form of poetry popularly from Japan. A haiku has only three lines; they don’t need to rhyme, but the first line must only have five syllables, the second line seven syllables, and the third line five syllables. So an example is;

    In Twilight they meet –
    Young love’s true dream; but he is

    Grimm’s (cynical) example is:

    Twilight, the movie:
    Not long before you can say,
    “I preferred the book”.

    Go for it!

    * Also, you must belong to the Wellington City Library to be eligible.


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    That be a loud shirt, me hearties

    18.09.08 | Permalink | Comments Off on That be a loud shirt, me hearties

    Tomorrow is Talk Like A Pirate Day, perfect for unleashing yer inner pirate. Instead of saying ‘hello’, say ‘ahoy!’; instead of ‘yes’, say ‘aye aye!’; and say ‘arrrr!’ for no reason whatsoever, me mateys. Here be a few steps towards talking like a pirate. And here be this ‘ere website, translated into pirate for ye scurvy dogs.


    Also, tomorrow is NZ’s annual Loud Shirt Day, which benefits deaf children. So while you’re talking like a pirate you can wear your brightest, most colourful shirt. You won’t regret it!

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