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    Dungeons and Dragons!

    17.09.19 | Permalink | Comments Off on Dungeons and Dragons!

    Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsStranger Things really brought Dungeons and Dragons into the mainstream and in a post-MCU world, can we really say that all things geek aren’t cool? Created by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974, the game’s grown in popularity since then – now we’ve got an amazing collection of D&D books – not just the rules sets- that will help you create amazing fantasy worlds of your own.

    There are plenty of versions of the Dungeons and Dragons rulesets – all our books are the 5th edition version, which are the latest edition. If it’s your first time running a game, you might want to use a prewritten adventure. Luckily, we have those too.

    Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsRules and reference:

    Dungeon Master’s guide: everything you need to help you run a game.
    Player’s Handbook : everything you need to play.
    Monster manual: all the monsters you need to know.

    Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsSupplements:

    Xanathar’s guide to everything: more monsters, more character classes, more lore.
    Dungeons & dragons player’s handbook 2: an expansion on the original setting.

    Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsCampaign settings and pre-written adventures:

    Waterdeep dragon heist : urban medieval fantasy.
    Ghosts of Saltmarsh: adventures on the seas.
    Curse of Strahd:square off against an evil vampire.
    The Rise of Tiamat : Fight evil dragons.

    We also have a graphic novelon Gary Gygax himself.

    Have fun and good luck with your dice rolls!