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    Fashion Friday

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    This ground-breaking new edition will answer all of your innermost questions about men’s socks, including the greatest sock question of all: is it okay to wear with sandals?? (NO. Def not imo, but you’ll have to read the book for confirmation).

    Syndetics book coverSocks : the rule book : 10 essential rules for the wearing and appreciation of men’s hosiery / Sock Club London.
    “Socks. They are a serious business. Socks are the glue that binds an outfit together, the telling detail that shows that a man understands what it is to be stylish. But they are also a minefield of potential fashion disasters and style pitfalls. What style of socks should you wear with a brogue? Are patterned socks permissible with sneakers? How high should you roll-up your trouser leg? Are socks and sandals ever acceptable?* But fear no more – Socks: The Rule Book will solve your hosiery dilemmas. Laying out the ten fundamental rules of sock wearing with fashion-conscious advice and a knowing sense of humour, this book answers hitherto unanswered questions and establishes clear guidelines for every aspect of the sock world.
    *No.” (Syndetics summary)

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