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Waiting to read The Maze Runner?

15.10.14 | Comment?

I’ve seen The Maze Runner. After I climbed out from under my seat (not great with tight, enclosed, shrinking spaces or giant spiders) I decided it was excellent. So have lots of people, judging by just how many reserves are being placed on the series of books by James Dashner. We’re busy buying more copies, but in the mean time here are some ideas for alternatives, which don’t necessarily have enclosed spaces or giant spiders, but, you know:

The Knife of Never Letting Go, Patrick Ness. If you like the roller-coaster aspect of The Maze Runner then Patrick Ness is your man. All three books in the Chaos Walking trilogy (The Knife of Never Letting Go is the first) are the reading equivalent of an express train. Gripping, scary, sad, mad, plus with a talking dog.

Lockdown, Alexander Gordon Smith. This is the first in the Escape from Furnace series. Furnace is a prison, where Alex is, having been framed for murder. Frankly, things look a bit grim for Alex, but! We know he can do it.

Variant, Robison Wells. Another prison, maybe. Benson Fisher applies to Maxfield Academy in an effort at self-improvement, but when he gets there he finds that Maxfield Academy is not exactly what it seemed.

Legend, Marie Lu. Fast-paced dystopian action again. Day is the legend, a mysterious outlaw in the western Republic of what used to be the United States. June is the Republic’s prodigy, a fifteen-year-old special forces / secret agent type who is set the task of finding and catching Day. This is the first in a popular trilogy.

Plus there’s our list of dystopian / futuristic / speculative fiction here.

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