How many times have you found the perfect hairstyle on Pinterest (or anywhere on the internet, for that matter) and then, when you click the link to find out how to do it, there are no instructions! Just a pretty picture. SO annoying!  So I was pretty happy when this new book arrived:

Syndetics book coverThe hairstyle directory : the ultimate, practical guide to creating classic & modern styles / Christina Butcher.
“From elaborate “up-dos” to casual braids, inspirational hairstyles continue to populate fashion blogs, Pinterest boards, and style magazines everywhere. However, this popularity belies a gaping lack of consolidated and authoritative advice on the techniques required to create these styles, and so the Hair Style Directory presents a comprehensive resource that identifies the practical techniques to create over 80 hairstyles. The accompanying step-by-step tutorials then give the reader the instructions they need to replicate that style.” – abridged from

I have it out at the mo and it’s really good – loads of hairstyles I want to try out. I’m completely useless at doing my hair (definitely guilty of sleep-styling) so am excited to try out some of the tutorials in this book. If it goes well, I’ll post some pics here… Wish me luck!