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22.04.14 | Comment?

Here at the Teen Blog we hope you all had a great Easter and gorged yourselves silly on chocolate, if that’s your kind of thing.

We’ve got another short week this week, because Friday is the 25th of April, ANZAC Day. This is the day of remembrance we use to commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in wars and peacekeeping operations, and to acknowledge the contribution and suffering of all involved. We’ve got quite a few novels about Anzac Day and Anzac soldiers, and these can help give some context to a situation we haven’t experienced personally. Here are some novels from our YA fiction section about the Anzacs:

Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsA Rose for the Anzac Boys, Jackie French

It’s 1915 and the horrific war being fought seems a world away to Midge, a 16-year-old New Zealander studying in England, yet Midge feels closer and closer to it with her brothers in the army, one of them listed ‘missing’ after Gallipoli. Desperate to help (and to avoid the boredom of school) Midge and two of her friends start a canteen in France for the endless flow of wounded soldiers returning from the frontline. Midge is recruited into the over-stretched ambulance service, forced to face carnage and find courage she could never have imagined.

Book cover courtesy of SyndeticsD-Day: Lieutenant Andy Pope, Normandy 1944, Bryan Perrett

“It’s 1944 when Lieutenant Andy Pope takes part in the D-Day landings, crossing the English Channel to the beaches of Normandy. Ordered to cut off the Germans’ line of retreat, Andy’s company comes under sustained attack until, as the only unwounded officer left, Andy finds himself in command and fighting for survival.” – Goodreads

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