I know we’ve discussed the merits of secondhand or thrift shopping before, but it really is just so awesome! I’m constantly amazed at the sweet bargains you can get. It’s such a great way to buy beautiful things that you possibly otherwise couldn’t afford. Being good for the environment, your wallet and your wardrobe, what’s not to like?

We have some new books on vintage fashion and secondhand goodness coming in, so I thought I’d celebrate our lovely new reads by showing off some of my favourite secondhand bargain buys.

photo 1photo 4

These two items, I nabbed from everyone’s favourite secondhand shopping website – for a total spend of $20! Shoes and a shirt! Including shipping! Whoop!!

photo 3

I saw this bag in a local secondhand store and fell in love. I thought it was kinda expensive by secondhand standards (30 buck, ya’ll!), but it is in perfect condition and is really beautiful and also a bit different – I get loads of comments on it whenever I use it.

photo 2

This is definitely an example of something I couldn’t have afforded otherwise! It is in amazingly good condition, especially considering it is from the 70s (and beige!), and I love the chic simplicity of it and the slightly old-school vibe. Swoon.

And, as promised, we do have some sweet new books on vintage and secondhand fashions. These are new orders (so they haven’t hit our shelves just yet) but reserve now to avoid disappointment!! I have my eye (and reservation!) on number two.

Syndetics book coverSecondhand & vintage Paris






Syndetics book coverVintage fashion & culture: from Poiret to McQueen