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July 2013

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  • Rachel and Rebecca

    Winter Gamesfest!

    16.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on Winter Gamesfest!

    Feeling the chill this winter? Is the boredom and solitude the cold weather brings with it getting you down? Well, we may have the solution.

    Stay entertained (and warm!) this winter and join us at the Central Library for our Winter Gamesfest! Come along each Wednesday from the 17th of July to the 21st of August for evenings full of card games, board games, video games and more! We’ll provide the games (but feel free to bring your own along, too) the location and (very importantly) the warmth, all you need to bring is enthusiam and perhaps a competitive streak. Aim for a Scrabble high score, show your hand or perhaps perfect your poker face in your favourite card game.

    Did we mention it’s FREE? So bring some mates and get comfortable. We’ll see you there!


    Winter Gamesfest

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    Love-it List, Winter Edition

    12.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on Love-it List, Winter Edition

    It is official. Winter is here. Miiiiiiiiighty boo! However, there are some small pleasures that come with the colder months. Apart from the obvious benefits (a good book on the couch, baking, (am trying out either this or these this weekend!) DVD time), these are some of the finer fashion points of winter that I’ve been enjoying this season:

    1. New Sonia Rykiel jumper dress!
    I can’t say that I enjoy winter. In fact, the thought of dark, cold months, walking to work in the rain and having to layer up to an insane extent strikes fear into my heart. However, I do have this divine new jumper dress which makes it not quite as bad. Loving the pink and navy combo and the cute tiger around the neck; it’s also 72% wool so super snuggy. Win.


    2. Scarves… ♥
    I accidentally purchased this Lauren McCalmont scarf after swearing that I was going to shop less. We’ve all been there – wallet’s saying no, heart is saying yes. And it had pink and sequins and was half price… *buy*
    Wait… did I say scarf? I meant picnic blanket. This thing is huuuuuuuge. In shimmer it says ‘Love my winter warmers, glad the boiler’s broken’. So whimsical.


    As I’m fairly sure you know, I love scarves. Love. And I bought this one for $3 at the Saturday markets! It is 100% wool, super soft and the colours are perfect for winter. I always love the gold and black combo, and the merlot red is perfectly on-trend for this winter.


    3. Wool trilby
    I feel kinda gangster in this hat (in the old school, Boardwalk Empire kind of way. Def not in the thug kinda way!). And I have to admit, I quite like it. I searched eeeeverywhere for one of these (there were 6 billion available in straw or coloured wool; black wool was apparently far too common) and finally found a whole bunch in a beloved Cuba street store. Doesn’t really stand up to Wellington’s infamous wind tho… anyone have any ideas? Atm, I’m considering stitching tiny strips of elastic inside it so I can use bobbypins to attach it to my hair. Yes, it’s getting that desperate. If anyone has anything better, do let me know!


    4. Cinna-snap nail polish
    And… the above berry scarf looks fab with this nail polish! Was stoked with the price of this ($12, whoop) and it dries in 60 seconds. I have a hang up with making sure my nails match my outfit. As a result, I wear mostly boring / neutral nailpolish shades, so I don’t have to worry about finding clothes to match my nails each morning. This shade is perfect for winter as it matches all of the blacks / greys / reds / golds / greens / creams I’m wearing this winter.


    5. Black studded brogues
    I bought these especially with the foul wet and cold months in mind. I love them because they are super comfy (read: flat) and they look great with stockings and skirts or dresses. Which is basically all I wear. I also love gold, and the studs introduce a bit of interest and bling, so they don’t just look like school shoes.


    6. YSL merlot lipstick
    This was a gift, and I love it. It’s a lipcolour I wouldn’t have purchased for myself, even though it has been on-trend for ages – I’ve always believed a bright, ruby red lip is the best (ooh, or crimson!), but certainly not dark red. But I have been thrashing this and I stand corrected! The darker shade is perfect for winter and, as you can see, the case is beautiful. It has a glitter balm on one side of it, which you can layer over top of the red for a really different look.


    7. Spotted tights
    I know I’ve reached my quota, but I have to sneak one more thing in! It is one of the perils of favouring skirts and dresses over pants that, in winter, you get really cold legs. I love these spotted stockings (for the grand total of $5) as they make a change from plain black, and can really lift an otherwise kinda plain outfit.


    Check out these reads for your own hit of Sonia Rykiel and YSL style:

    Syndetics book coverSonia Rykiel / edited by Olivier Saillard.
    “Though designing since 1962, Sonia Rykiel achieved instant acclaim when she founded her own label in 1968. She is celebrated for creating several transformative decorative features that transformed knitwear into fashion. These include inside-out stitching, no-hem and “unlined” pieces, bold stripes, lace, rhinestones and sweaters with written messages. She is also known for several signature looks including long clinging sweaters, small cropped pullovers, large rolled-back cuffs, and long shawls usually in a spectrum of key colors (beige, grey, dark blue and charcoal). These looks all reflected her philosophy of la démode, or “un-fashion” which abolished total-look diktats in favor of a wardrobe adapted to expressing a woman’s individual personality.” (adapted from amazon.com)

    Syndetics book cover
    Yves Saint Laurent / [the authors, J́erome Savignon and Bernard Blistène ; Florence Müller, senior curator ; Farid Chenoune, assistant curator].
    “”The Yves Saint Laurent exhibition was held at the Petit Palais/Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, March 11-August 29, 2010.”–P. [6]” (Syndetics summary)

  • Happenings, Wellington

    Winging Your Way Through The Weekend, June 13-14

    11.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on Winging Your Way Through The Weekend, June 13-14

    It’s… holiday time!

    Here’s a slice of what’s on in Welly-hood this weekend to kick your holidays off with some excitement and/or amazement.

    The Company NZ are presenting Block Party up on the hill at Wellington High School – it’s a showcase extravaganza from this super talented dance school. Not to be confused with Bloc Party. Here’s a sweet video of the tutors busting some moves.

    Oceania’s two most Hipster* cities Wellington and Melbourne clash in derby time on the water front. Bust out the Purple and orange.

    Au Contraire, the New Zealand Science Fiction and Fantasy convention, is in town. It comes with cool stuff like a floating market.

    Something a bit different and enriching for the ears? Gale Force Gospel are putting on a concert of African American Song.

    In theatre The Legend Of Hector visits BATS. “Drawing from sources as diverse as the Arthurian Legends, an old friend’s travel blog, and toilet-wall graffiti, The Legend of Hector goes right to the heart of the moments we feel most epic, and the moments we desperately wish for greater adventures.” – That sounds awesome!

    Looking for something to watch? Here’s a list compiled by Rachel & Rebecca to quell your winter blues.

    In playlist news Jay-Z released new album Magna Carta… Holy Grail  this week – you can judge that one for yourself. His wife Beyonce announced a tour to our shores. Australian folksters Boy & Bear are gearing up to release new album Harlequin Dream in August and here’s a track off it to chill to – ‘Southern Sun’.

    *Not an actual fact.

  • Books, Grimm, New

    Looking forward to:

    10.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on Looking forward to:

    The Boy on the Bridge, Natalie Standiford (August) – “Laura Reid goes to Leningrad for a semester abroad as Cold War paranoia is peaking in 1982. She meets a young Russian artist named Alexei and soon, with Alexei as her guide, Laura immerses herself in the real Russia – a crazy world of wild parties, black-market books and music, and smuggled letters to dissidents. She must keep the relationship secret; associating with Americans is dangerous for Alexei, and if caught, Laura could be sent home and Alexei put under surveillance or worse. At the same time, she’s been warned that Soviets often latch onto Americans in hopes of marrying them and thus escaping to the United States. But she knows Alexei loves her. Right? As June approaches – when Laura must return to the United States – Alexei asks Laura to marry him. She’s only nineteen and doesn’t think she’s ready to settle down. But what if Alexei is the love of her life? How can she leave him behind? If she has a chance to change his life, to rescue him from misery, shouldn’t she take it?” (goodreads.com). A history lesson and love story all in one. I think Natalie Standiford is great, so this I am looking forward to. This one could be given the coverflip treatment, some people suggest. We shall see!

    Stupid Fast, Nothing Special and I’m With Stupid, Geoff Herbach. Over one summer, Felton Reinstein grows into an American Football sensation – he’s always been stupid fast, but now he’s so busy being a jock he hardly has time to notice his family life is coming apart. Reviews say this series is great for fans of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie, for example, or Godless, by Pete Hautman. Note: I’m With Stupid will get here before the others, so if you want to read them in order you might like to suspend your reserve on that one!

    Thorn Abbey, Nancy Ohlin (July/August) – this one is a reimagining of the classic Gothic novel Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (which, incidentally, has the famous first sentence, “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”). “Becca was the perfect girlfriend: smart, gorgeous, and loved by everyone at New England’s premier boarding school, Thorn Abbey. But Becca’s dead. And her boyfriend, Max, can’t get over his loss. Then Tess transfers to Thorn Abbey. She’s shy, insecure, and ordinary – everything that Becca wasn’t. And despite her roommate’s warnings, she falls for brooding Max. Now Max finally has a reason to move on. Except it won’t be easy. Because Becca may be gone, but she’s not quite ready to let him go…” (goodreads.com) You can read the prologue at the author’s website here.

    If He Had Been With Me, Laura Nowlin (July/August) – This has been getting great reviews, but be warned, it’s saaad! “Throughout their whole childhood, Finn and Autumn were inseparable – they finished each other’s sentences, they knew just what to say when the other person was hurting. But one incident in middle school puts them in separate social worlds come high school, and Autumn has been happily dating James for the last 2 years. But she’s always wondered what if… The night she’s about to get the answer is also one of terrible tragedy.” (goodreads.com)

  • Movies, Rachel and Rebecca

    Winter Blues

    09.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on Winter Blues

    It’s more than officially winter! Which to us means curling up under a lot of blankets (preferably with a fire or other such heat source nearby) with some movies* to while away those cold, rainy days.

    *note: this also works with a good book, but for now, here are our movie picks:

    The Adventures of Tintin : the secret of the Unicorn
    Part-animation, part-live-action, part Spielberg, part Peter Jackson. How could you not?

    An Angel at my Table
    Directed by the genius Jane Campion, this is in my list of top ten films of all time. It will make you laugh, it will make you marvel at our little country and it will break your heart. Janet Frame is one of our greatest writers and (fittingly) this is one of our greatest films to tell her story.

    Charlie’s Angels
    Three ladies kicking butt and taking names. That never gets old.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1 (and part 2)
    Because why not. Why not spend your holidays re-reading all seven books and then re-watching all eight movies. We guarantee they’re just as good as the last time you did it.

    The Hunger Games
    In preparation for the hotly anticipated release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire perhaps? Mark it on your calendars, it comes out in New Zealand on the 21st of November.

    I Am Number Four
    Oh, Alex Pettyfer. Need we say more. And sadly, it doesn’t look like the rest of the series will make it to the big screen.

    Kaitangata Twitch
    Because Margaret Mahy needs to be included in as many lists of recomendations as possible.

    Need some science project ideas? Just want to watch people blow stuff up? Good thing we have a whopping NINE seasons of the hit show here at the library.

    Pitch Perfect
    Absolute favourite movie of 2013.

    William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
    See where Baz Luhrmann’s magic began. We recommend you follow up with Moulin Rouge, Strictly ballroom and The Great Gatsby.


  • Books, New, Rebecca

    New Books

    08.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on New Books

    The New Zealand authors edition:

    book cover courtesy of SyndeticsSinking, David Hill (175 pages) – Conrad is on his way to swimming training in the pre-dawn darkness. As he hurries through a park, a terrified old man bursts out of the trees at him, before running away. On his way home later, Con sees the same old man, perfectly at ease this time, with his grand-daughter, an edgy, aggressive, solitary girl who has just arrived at Con’s school. The girl, Becks is a horse enthusiast. Con hates horses almost as much as she hates swimming. The old man holds a terrible secret, which is driving him almost mad. Becks is fiercely protective of him, and reacts explosively against the group of school bullies who mock him. But she can’t cope by herself, and slowly, she and Con are drawn into the full details of the secret

    First lines: “It was still dark when I came out of our driveway. I mean really dark. Quarter past five on Tuesday morning dark. The soft dark when you should be asleep in bed.”

    book cover courtesy of SyndeticsMortal Fire, Elizabeth Knox (434 pages) – Sixteen-year-old Canny Mochrie has always been a little different. She’s never known her father, she’s always had a calculating, mathematical mind, and she’s always been able to see something Extra. When she begrudgingly joins her older stepbrother on a trip to research a strange coal mine disaster that happened thirty years earlier, she stumbles into a mystery with long buried secrets, that may just be her own secrets too.

    First lines: “Canny and her teammates stood on platform nine of Castlereagh Station and watched everything they’d seen the night before in Founderston play again in reverse. Passengers from the overnight express were met, kissed and led away into the concourse – or set off by themselves heads down into the hot wind.”

    book cover courtesy of SyndeticsWhen Our Jack Went to War, Sandy McKay (180 pages) – It’s 1916 and the Great War has been going on in Europe for nearly three years when Jack McAllister enlists. Jack’s younger brother, thirteen-year-old Tom, is at first envious, but Tom soon changes his mind as the reality of war becomes more apparent through the letters Jack sends home. Tom writes to Jack about life at home in New Zealand, while in turn Jack writes of his first-hand experience in Trentham, the troop ship, Britain, France, the Battle of Messines and finally, Passchendaele.

    First lines: “When our Jack went to war our mother cried and cried. Poor Ma – she really didn’t want him to go.”

    book cover courtesy of SyndeticsCattra’s Legacy, Anna Mackenzie (348 pages) – Thirteen-year-old Risha is living a simple life in the mountains with her father when he suddenly dies. Risha is left alone and discovers she is no longer welcome in her village. Disguised as a boy, Risha, leaves the village with a group of traders on a quest to find out the truth about her mother and her true heritage.

    First lines: “The villagers came to witness the burial, but only out of custom and curiosity, drifting away as soon as the first clod of earth fell. Ganny lingered longest, touching Risha’s arm before she left. Risha didn’t notice.”

    book cover courtesy of SyndeticsMurder at Mykenai, Catherine Mayo (389 pages) – Friendship vs. Treachery in Ancient Greece, a decade before the Trojan War. Menelaos, teenage son of the assassinated High King of Greece, is tumbling ever deeper into danger. Odysseus, his best friend, tries to help – but Odysseus’s great ideas have a tendency to backfire…

    First lines: “This had to be the strangest thing he’s ever seen. Odysseus stared at it, caught between laughter and amazement, and it glared right back, its tiny head swaying snake-wise at the end of a long, scrawny neck.”

    book cover courtesy of SyndeticsFelix and the Red Rats, James Norcliffe (245 pages) – When David’s uncle comes to visit he sets off a bizarre series of events. Things become complicated when the pet rats turn bright red. David senses that somehow the red rats are connected to the story he is reading, and he becomes more convinced when the colour red becomes contagious. The parallel story sees Felix and his friend Bella inadvertently shifted into a strange land where they must solve a riddle. But this puts them into great danger. How will they escape and find their way home?

    First lines: “‘But why?’ demanded Martha. ‘He’s such a weirdo,’ said Gray. ‘He’s such a fake,’ said Martha. I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t upset that Mum’s uncle was coming to stay. I was younger and I’d only met him once before and, to tell the truth, I’d kind of liked him.”

  • Fashion Friday, Style Catalogue

    TV Style Guide, Part 2

    05.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on TV Style Guide, Part 2

    As promised, part two of our TV Style Guide! If you haven’t seen part one yet, check it here.

    4. Boardwalk Empire

    Boardwalk is pretty much my favourite show on TV. Soooo good. Basically, I would like to own a raft of Margaret Schroeder-style beaded dresses… So pretty!! Boardwalk Empire also features some swoon-worthy menswear too… treat your eyes here and here. For more guides to 20s dress:

    Syndetics book coverArt Deco fashion / Suzanne Lussier.
    “The costume and decor of the Ballets Russes took Paris by storm in 1909 and fuelled a mania for the exotic, for vibrant patterns and rich, luxurious textiles. It only took the genius of designers like Paul Poiret and Natalia Goncharova to transform these into garments that were bold, inventive and quintessentially modern. Ballet, theatre and cinema all lent ideas to mainstream fashion, as did artists of the avant-garde such as Sonia Delaunay.”–BOOK JACKET.

    Boardwalk empire. The complete second season [videorecording] / HBO Entertainment presents ; created by Terence Winter.
    Atlantic City, 1921. In a city whose fortunes have soared in the wake of Prohibition, Nucky Thompson is paying a steep price for wielding ultimate power in ‘the world’s playground’. Though the 1920 election is over, Nucky finds himself the target of a federal investigation for vote tampering, and an insurrection by those he counted among his closest allies.

    5. The Hour

    Negl, I could have sobbed when I heard The Hour had been cancelled!! I LOVE this show for its intrigue, drama and, of course, its 50s fashion. It was The Hour’s Bel Rowley that inspired me to go buy a houndstooth pencil skirt (rockin’ it). Pegged as the British answer to Mad Men, the show oozed fashion appeal with pencil skirts, phenomenal midi dresses, wide-leg pants and chic shirts. The characters also wear a lot of silk scarves – my fave! I found this site the best for incorporating The Hour into your style. These are good too:

    Syndetics book coverFifty fashion looks that changed the 1950s / Paula Reed.
    This title takes a fresh look at key fashion pieces from the 1950s. From the bombshell glamour of Marilyn Monroe in ‘How to Marry a Millionaire’ to the emergence of teenage style, via the sculptural forms of Christian Dior’s new look and Balenciaga’s double A-line, it celebrates all the important looks that revolutionised modern fashion.

    The hour. Series 2 [videorecording] / created by Abi Morgan ; a Kudos Film and Television production for BBC.
    “Rejoining The Hour a year on in 1957, the team are still striving to broadcast the stories they believe in, grappling with the disturbing threat of the Cold War and a country in the grip of unsettling, rapid change. Bel is still single, but finds herself taking on her adversary Bill Kendall, an ITV producer whose magnetic charm she can’t help but find irresistible. Hector has risen to the status of a national celebrity and, drawn into the seductive glamour of Soho nightclub, El Paradis, falls under the spell of the beautiful and seductive KiKi. No longer happy at The Hour under Randall’s new regime, he is tempted by offers from ITV, but when a night at the club goes badly wrong, scandal threatens and Hector must try and stop a news story that could destroy his marriage and his career. Investigative reporter Freddie makes an unexpected return to uncover and tackle police corruption within the world of Soho crime and vice.”–Container.

    6: Glee

    Oh, Glee. Such a staple ingredient in the tv watcher’s diet!! Glee’s teenage stars have been wowing us with their fashion (okay, and other talents) since the show first aired on our screens in 2009. And fortunately, there are loads of websites to help you steal their style!! I found this one the best, and this was good as well. I also found a website entirely dedicated to the fashion of Glee, which is a great place to start if you’ve spied a particular outfit or piece of clothing that you like on the show, and are wanting to buy the same thing or similar.

    Along with our extensive range of Glee DVDs, we also have Glee novels:

    Syndetics book coverGlee : summer break : an original novel / by Sophia Lowell.
    “Fans are clamoring for more showmance, more mash-ups, more Cheerios . . . more “Glee”! Now, Gleeks everywhere can spend more time with uber-ambitious Rachel Berry, outrageous Kurt Hummel, and dreamy Finn Hudson with these completely original stories about everyone’s favorite glee club.” (Syndetics summary)

    Musical scores:

    Syndetics book coverGlee : music from the Fox television show : piano/vocal/guitar.
    “This songbook features tunes from the hit FOX TV show about an enthusiastic teacher who, against many obstacles, tries to bring a high school glee club into the spotlight. Aimed at the underdog in all of us, the show features pop songs from the past and present, sung by a group of teens who just might prove all their doubters wrong. 16 songs: Alone * Bust Your Windows * Confessions Part II * Don’t Stop Believin’ * Gold Digger * Halo * Hate on Me * It’s My Life * Keep Holding On * No Air * Push It * Rehab * Somebody to Love * Take a Bow * Walking on Sunshine * You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” (Syndetics summary)

    And, of course, the DVDs:

    Glee. The complete third season [videorecording] / [created by Ian Brennan, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk].
    The Gleeks are headed for the Nationals and graduation. Younger members join New Directions, and others are about to begin new lives outside it.

    So never fear!! We have all your Glee needs covered.

  • Happenings, Wellington

    Winging Your Way Through The Weekend, 6-7 July

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    Here is a run down of what’s going down about the town this weekend.

    In sport our Super Rugby home team the Hurricanes play the Highlanders at the cake tin on Saturday Night.

    Any regular reader might be aware of a soft spot for roller skates on this side of the screen so there is great joy in letting y’all know there is a Roller Disco out in Kilbirnie on Friday night.

    Science might or might not be a fun subject at school but there is no denying its awesomeness. The Magnicent Science Variety Show in Newtown this Friday night could very well teach you some handy new ‘on-the-bus chats’ to impress your mates with. Science! Way cool.

    While scientific things are in the foreground let’s talk about space. All ages Fringe Festival(‘s) favourite A Play About Space has a swift season at Bats this weekend. Science(-fiction) at it’s entertaining finest.

    The New Zealand Film Archive and Square Eyes partnership of Around The World Saturday Matinee keeps on rolling with Kirikou And The Sorceress.

    Feel like reading? If you haven’t already then have a gander at the 2013 NZ Post Childrens Book Awards winners and finalists, there are a heap of great reads to keep you cosy. Of course being your local library we’re here to help you find a copy of whatever it is you might fancy. Holler.

    Soulstress Ladi6 is in town for the growed-ups this weekend. But that’s no reason to miss out. For this weekends playlist here’s Ladi6 ‘Shine On’ – the second track off of her latest album.

    Have a good one.

  • Grimm, Most Wanted

    Most Wanted: July 2013

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    Two new titles are in this month’s top 10 most wanted YA list – Allegiant, the last in the Divergent trilogy, and The Fall of Five, the fourth book in the Lorien Legacies. Series rule okay, but John Green is still awesome.

    1. The Fault in Our Stars, John Green [no change]
    2. Light, Michael Grant [no change]
    3. 1D: One Direction: Forever Young [up 1]
    4. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins [up 2]
    5. Looking for Alaska, John Green [no change]
    5. Clockwork Princess, Cassandra Clare [down 2]
    7. Allegiant, Veronica Roth [new]
    7. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins [down 1]
    9. The Elite, Kiera Cass [down 1]
    10. The Fall of Five, Pittacus Lore [new]
    10. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins [down 1]

  • Rachel and Rebecca

    A Love Letter to E. Lockhart

    02.07.13 | Permalink | Comments Off on A Love Letter to E. Lockhart

    Dear E. Lockhart

    We love you. You could even say we heart you, because we love puns. Your writing is outstanding. It is funny and heartfelt, and you always give us characters to care about deeply. We love the fact that you write stories as a feminist and are proud of it. You write strong characters that we can love and relate to and characters we aspire to be more like ourselves. Sometimes we see ourselves in your characters and we feel comforted that we are in good company. Frankie Landau-Banks must be one of the most fierce, relatable and independent teenage feminists we’ve ever read about, and we love her to bits. Thank you Ms Lockhart for giving us all these wonderful things.

    With love and respect,

    R n R

    E. Lockhart a.k.a. Emily Lockhart real name Emily Jenkins has written a whole bunch of books – picture books under her own name and young adult novels under the name E. Lockhart. She’s taken a similar route to JK Rowling by not displaying her full name (and therefore her gender) on her books which we hope has been successful at getting more people to read her wonderful books! (However we are still saddened that this is a factor in people’s reading decisions :()

    Emily has contributed essays to feminist collections which we sadly don’t have in our library collection, but we’re sure they would be great! She lists Joan Aiken, Astrid Lindgren, C. S. Lewis, J. M. Barrie, P. G. Wodehouse, Maurice Sendak, Roald Dahl, Rosemary Wells and Kay Thompson as some of her writing influences and inspiration.

    Image courtesy of Syndetics Image courtesy of Syndetics Image courtesy of Syndetics

    We have all of E. Lockhart’s young adult books in our collection, here are the links so that you can reserve them!
    The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (our favourite!) is about the misadventures of a teen at a very expensive private school. Not the misadventures you’re thinking of though, Frankie takes on a male-only secret society and races to solve a decades old mystery.
    The Boyfriend List (and the sequels The Boy Book, The Treasure Map of Boys and Real Live Boyfriends) which all star the wonderful Ruby Oliver and her agonizingly funny exploits as she learns there is life outside her high school universe.
    Fly on the Wall which we talked about in this post.
    Dramarama which is about two theater-mad, self-invented, fabulositon Ohio teenagers and their summer at drama camp. It’s a summer of hormones, gold lamé, hissy fits, jazz hands, true love, and unitards that will determine their future–and test their friendship.

    We hope you enjoy her books as much as we do!

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