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Winging Your Way Through The Weekend, 22-23 June

20.06.13 | Comment?

This weekend marks the halfway point in the solar year. We’re halfway around the sun and a few days out from being halfway to Christmas. Friday night is the longest one of the year and it means from this point on the days are going to start getting longer again. Sending a wi-five at you right now, congratulations you’ve made it. It’s the winter solstice which means, among other things, that our half of the world is as far away from the sun it’s going to get this year. In the day bringer’s absence though the moon has crept on in and will be at perigee or the closest it’s going to get this year-you may have caught wind of a super moon coming, that’s it (BYO cape and Lycra). Another thing you’d have noticed is that your chances of getting a glimpse of the night sky are pretty slim at the moment so in the stars absence here are some space pictures from Today I Learned Something New. Astronomy!

Here’s what’s happening about the town this weekend:

In film Wellington based Inspiring Stories will be screening a selection of short films made by young kiwis. They are a selection of inspiring documentary-style films of varying length and topics from global to local. Saturday at Crossways Community Centre in Mount Vic. Down on Taranaki Street Square Eyes and The Film Archive will be co-hosting an Around The World Matinee screening of films just young folk.

Got some physical energy to burn? Generation Zero will be running “The Race” from Newtown to the CBD – simply it’s your chance to race against a whole bunch of other folks with any method of transport you want!  New Zealand pro-wrestling is stopping by to host Brooklyn Brawl.

In events the Wellington Toy and Die Cast Fair is on as is the Wellington leg of the Careers Expo.

LUX Wellington are throwing together a Time Warp flashmob. It’s just a jump to the left. Want to see some dance not be some dance? Head to the City Gallery and have a gander at Footnote Dance’s “taster series”.

It’s still Matariki and the good folks at Tapu Te Ranga Marae have a shindig on to celebrate the season.

Need some new music? Jagwar Ma . Off their new album Howlin here’s Man I Need.

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